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$100M Offers is an excellent book in more than one way. First of all, I want to scream from the rooftops how amazing the concept of this book itself is.

I’m in the book advertising business. Long ago (read: a few years back), I noticed how great an opportunity creating books was for business owners. You can sell the book, let people get to know you and your offer, and give them an incentive to go back for more.

I’m an author myself, and I know firsthand how common readers can turn into great customers. Yet, when I tried to explain my concept, very few entrepreneurs got it. And finding an entrepreneur who not only understood it, but implemented it in the right way, is as hard as trying to find a unicorn.

Alex Hormonzi is a unicorn, and then some.

He didn’t just write a book to lure readers and turn them into customers. He wrote a book, so they could grow their businesses to even qualify as his prospects! This is my concept taken to another level. And the execution was flawless too.

No Weak Points

I couldn’t see any CONS of $100M Offers. This book is just great. Short, to the point, yet incredibly meaty.

Like very few books I read, it was written with the specific goal in mind and it sticks to this agenda rigidly. The book also reads very well. It’s written in plain English. It’s extremely quotable. And the how-to in the book is pure gold.


$100M Offers has many advantages. I will just highlight several points that caught my attention.

1. Amazing Business Book.

As I said – pure gold. This book is packed full with so many business tips. I’m a half-time entrepreneur and my business is miniscule. I’m faraway from making $3M to qualify as Alex’s prospect. Yet, I learned a lot. I’m in a better position to close the gap between where I am now (a way below $100k) and being prospect-worthy for Alex.

And that’s the proof of his idea. Alex published a book. A guy in faraway Poland read it, heard about him, loved his content, and got to know him as a person.

Now, I have much better chances to ever make $3M. And Alex increased his chances to get a new client in the future. And he made 33 cents (the Kindle royalties) in the process. 😀

As a greenhorn, I got the most out of Sections II and III. I got the feeling in which kind of business I am and which type of entrepreneur I am.

The most impactful business advice for me? Here:

No one can serve two masters.(…)”

“If you are under $10M per year, niching down will make you more money.”

Intellectually, I’ve known for a long time I need to niche down. I was just too lazy to ever try. I like doing many things.

But I’m a way below the $10M cap, and I definitely could’ve used more money. Right here, right now.

2. Business Philosophy Close to My Heart.

Alex is a way better entrepreneur than me. Yet, the principles he teaches are the principles I live by. I guess this is why this book made so much sense for me.

Some people get there slowly. But everyone gets there eventually, as long as you don’t give up.”

Perseverance is a key to success. And I’m definitely the ‘getting there slowly’ guy. I need time to process things. I need time to accommodate to change. But I also never give up. I’m much closer to financial independence now than nine years ago when I published my first book.

Entrepreneurship is about acquiring skills, beliefs, and character traits.”

Amen. Most people easily grasp a need for acquiring skills. Much fewer understand a necessity to change one’s mindset. But acquiring character traits?! This is something so ‘out there’ that people just shrug it off.

However, this is how you become an entrepreneur and grow as one. 10 years ago, I was an ordinary employee. I never had led even one person in my life. When I realized I need to own a business to reach a lifestyle I desired, I also realized I’m the worst possible material for entrepreneurship. Thus, I decided to work on myself, on my character, not skills. In several months, I started making money outside of my day job for the first time in my life. In several years, I started my own business. Now, my team consists of seven people working for me regularly and a few contractors.

I couldn’t made it if I started from acquiring skills.

3. Personal Approach.

Alex starts his book from a gut-wrenching personal story. While I never experienced such an enormous pressure like him – I am way too risk-averse to bet everything I own on my business – I could easily relate. He won me by this story.

Entrepreneurship is a crazy rollercoaster. I dipped into my savings to pay my people or business bills all too often. I had business disasters (my blog was hacked; twice) and unexpected business opportunities (people reaching out to me out of the blue to buy my services).”

The author skillfully sprinkled his personal stories throughout the book. They took very little volume of the book, but they are very memorable.

I remembered best the one close to the end, when Alex described how he felt, when he finally got over $100,000 in his personal account. Quoting him:

Tens of millions of dollars in the bank later, it was, and still is, the richest I have ever felt in my life.”

4. Money Mindset.

Now, there are many experts on business tactics and strategies. There are very few experts on shaping one’s money mindset to earn s*it loads of money.

Making s*it loads of money breaks people’s minds.”

Personally, it breaks my mind to make more than 98% of my country population. I struggle to grow my business because I have ‘it all.’ I definitely can rub off some abundance mindset from Alex.

He very smartly explained why entrepreneurs should charge so much that it hurts. Thanks to $100M Offers I’m slowly stretching my money mindset, charging 2-6 times more than I had charged.

5. Excellent Detailed Advice.

Have I mentioned the nitty-gritty advice? Just one example:

10x to 1/10th test.

If my customers paid me 10x my price (or $100,000) what would I provide? If they paid me 1/10th the price and I had to make my product more valuable than it already is, how would I do that?”

Wow, talking about stretching your mind! And this is just a single exercise out of dozens instanced in the book.

6. Amazing Quotes.

Alex definitely has the gift of words. Just a sample of powerful quotes from $100M Offers:

Humans suffer a lot. So for us entrepreneurs, endless opportunity abounds.”

Great authors have great ability to describe reality. Drop mic. It also gave me a moment of reflection upon the human condition. This is reality. We suffer. We have always suffered, and always will. Like almost everything, it has bad aspects (hurt) and good ones – like endless opportunities to alleviate our neighbors’ sufferings.

The person who needs the exchange less always has the upper hand.”

This helped me realize why I’m still in the business. I always have had an upper hand. I do not care for my prospects’ ‘yes.’ After a few years, I exactly know with whom I want to work. Definitely, I don’t want to work with authors who cannot trust me.

Scarcity is a function of quantity. Urgency is a function of time.”

So succinct. So aptly said. Two greatest sales functions described in a dozen words.


Do you want to grow your company to $3M-$50M? You will not get a better textbook on that subject than $100M Offers. And you will get it for just 99 cents.

This is an absolute no-brainer. It’s also the no-brainer for anyone remotely interested in business in general. You cannot get a better education for a smaller fee than this book.

Book Review: $100M Offers

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