daily habits will make your life simpler
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Every habit makes your life simpler… unless, of course, it complicates your life. There is no middle ground here. Each habit either serves you, provides some benefits and makes your life a bit simpler OR does you a disservice and ruins your life.

Bottom line, good habits, even the most trivial ones, make your life simpler because you don’t have to use brainpower for everyday activities. When I come into my home, I automatically take off my shoes. I don’t deliberate if I should do it or not. Boom! and I have no shoes on my feet. It doesn’t take even an ounce of my brainpower.

OK, a few examples to illustrate simplicity achieved via daily habits.

I exercise every day

I’m pretty fit for a 38-year old guy who sits on his butt for 10-14 hours a day. Have you any idea how much simpler it makes my life? I usually have all the energy I need to deal with my day job, business and family obligations.

I am in a mastermind with 9 other guys. They are all pretty successful, but a few of them DON’T exercise daily.

Their life is more complicated than mine. They deal with small issues like being a tiny blow to self-confidence because they are overweight several pounds or getting sick more often. And each time they are about to exercise, it’s a big deal for them: Should I or not? Now or in 5 hours? Go to the gym or go jogging?

The lack of routine complicates their life enormously comparing to my life.

Every morning, I gulp two glasses of water

It shields me from dehydration. Only one thing I noticed in connection to this made my life so much simpler!

Namely, I don’t have headaches anymore.

When I was a teenager, I suffered from terrible migraines. They became less frequent in my twenties and thirties. I remember the last attack in 2012. I had to lie down on the floor not to collapse or vomit from pain.

Hydrating myself first thing in the morning cured me from that. The only times I get a headache are when I do something stupid, like drinking too much alcohol.

Life without headaches! It’s so much simpler.

I keep a gratitude journal

As a result, every measurable output in my life has risen dramatically. I have more and better relationships, I sleep less, am stronger, earn more, save more, read faster and so on.

Do you have any idea how much simpler your life is when everything is 15-20% better?

Well, I think scientists who measured the effects of gratitude took a short-term approach. I practiced my gratitude discipline and many other habits for more than five years. I beat over 200 fitness records in that period. My income more than doubled. The effects are better than 15-20%.

I journal six days a week and review my entries on Sundays

This easy habit made my life so much simpler. The volume of unprocessed emotions and issues boiling inside me went significantly down. I also became better at recognizing what gnaws me inside and in controlling my self-talk and emotions.

Imagine your life with your inside drama scaled down to a fraction of what it is. No more self-pity, self-loathing, blaming yourself and other people for everything that happens in your life. Less anger, jealousy and resentment.

It makes my life so much simpler!

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