Around April 2006 I stepped down from the scale. It read over 158 pounds. The figure on the scale was definitely too high for a 5’5’’ guy. I never liked to exercise, and as IT specialist I led a sedentary lifestyle. My weight had been climbing for the last few years since I graduated from the university and got a full-time job behind the desk. I needed to do something about this.

I decided to do a series of pushups every day. In the past, I had maintained this discipline for months or even years at a time. However, the idea that I could outwork a crappy diet was ridiculous. Especially with only a single series of bodyweight exercises a day. I kept gaining weight for the next few years.
But I also kept my pushup habit.
And it changed my life.

You need good habits in life to succeed. Unfortunately, obstacles and difficulties dim your vision. You cannot connect the dots between a small habit and success in advance.

That’s why Jeannie and I decided to write this book. We provide 99 stories connecting the dots backwards. All of them are true. They happened in the lives of people like you and me – women, men, living on all the continents and speaking in various languages.

Read those stories and believe in the life-transforming power of habits. Get the determination to start a new habit. Well started is half-done. All you need to do afterwards is keep going.
You will succeed.