Instantly Boost Your Reading Speed

Do you want to read faster? This case study will show you how you can do it this very minute.

When I was on a retreat with my church community at the beginning of November 2013, I took part in a speed reading experiment.
I read the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas during that time.

I took the book and read as fast as I could (and still comprehend the text). Before then, I had been measuring my reading speed only with small chunks of text, reading for one minute with the timer.
I was curious as to whether my reading speed is reduced when I read for longer periods.

Firstly, I was reading for 35 minutes straight, using the pointer.
Then I read 16.5 minutes without the pointer.
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7 Ways to Gauge Your Reading Speed

With no more fluff I present to you seven different methods to measure your reading speed in words-per-minute rate. Some of them are easy, some exact, some rough. I summarize advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Tools

First of all you can use free tools available on the Net. I recommend
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