Goal Setting 2015

Goal Setting 2015
Goals, yikes!

A year ago, I posted on this blog my goals for 2014 and as usual, I miserably failed to accomplish them. But I am stubborn. I’ll keep trying to reach them in 2015.

My set of goals basically haven’t changed.

  1. The unity of my marriage.

This is first and foremost. My business goals eluded me in 2014. I don’t mind this very much because, in December, my wife told me: “It doesn’t matter. Don’t stress yourself. It will come. I support you.”

  1. Quit my 9 to 5 job.

My job still slaves me for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. I still want my life back; I want to see my kids grow up!

And I want to get more meaning from my life. I know, I experienced in 2014 that my writing made a difference in people’s lives. My job provides food and shelter. But my life means more than that.

To replace my salary, I need to sell about 72 books a day (for three dollars, or six times more for $1). The calculation in 2014 was based solely on $1 books. Now, when I’m back in power over my whole catalogue, I’ll lower the price of most of my old books back to $1.

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2014 Goals Revisited

Goals 2014 Again
A year ago, I mentioned my love-hate relationship with goals. I had set three for 2014. Let’s see how it went.

  1. Unity of my marriage.

When you have been married for 13 years, you can be deluded into thinking that you know everything about the other person and you are the “master” of marriage. Luckily, I wasn’t so blind to think that a year ago and the past year proved me right.

I still don’t think I put enough energy and attention into our relationship. However, there were a few events that transformed our marriage a bit.

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To set or not to set? A goal is the question.

Goals and I don’t get in sync. Too many times in the past I have set a goal and failed to reach it, way too many.

Goal setting connotes to me with frustration and failure.

It seems like the magic of goal setting, of writing them down eludes me.

I hardly remember the last time I met a deadline. Oh, yes, I met it with my first book. It was at the end of May 2013. In September 2013 I wrote a short philosophy work—a week before the deadline.

Falling short of…

My list of unaccomplished or delayed goals is long and miserable.
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