Buck Books for Authors

Buck Books for Authors
What Buck Books has to offer to indie authors? Exposure. A factor which is priceless on Amazon. The biggest hassle with starting on Kindle is getting the initial traction. I remember how I observed my mentor with jealousy just a year ago. He was launching book after book and they all stayed in the top #10k, #20k, #50k or #100k. When I did research on his books some time ago I found only a couple titles which were above #100k on the bestselling list. And these were the titles from his old catalogue published about a year prior, which he mostly left alone.


The biggest difference between my struggle and his success was the size of a mailing list. At the beginning of January 2014, my list consisted of just 27 people. He “lent” me his list promoting my book to his subscribers (about 1800 at that time). It wasn’t the only marketing tool I used for that launch, but I credit many of the results to that ‘lease’. Master Your Time became a bestseller in a very competitive niche and stayed on the first page of bestsellers for the next few months.

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Buck Books for Readers

The disclaimer first. I will receive a tiny amount of cash if you subscribe to Buck Books email list. It’s the service of my former publisher, so my opinion about it is far from non-judgmental. Having said that, my opinion is not for sale. If I thought they might abuse their relationship with their subscribers I would never promote this service. It just is a great deal for readers.

Buck Books is a secret weapon of Archangel Ink. The idea is very simple. You never pay more than a buck for the book.

They claim on their site that they promote both fiction and non-fiction, but they are heavily skewed toward the latter. However they cooperate with many authors from different genres and they are growing rapidly. Variety will never be a problem with Buck Books.
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From Shy to Hi available on Amazon

From Shy to Hi
From Shy to Hi” has been launched. This is my 6th book and 5th in the “How to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day” series.

40 percent to 45 percent of adults in America say they are shy. So there are good chances that this book is for you.
From 25th to 29th of June it is free to download from Amazon.

If you are still on the fence about reading it, take a peek into this excerpt:

A Quick, But Meaningful, Moment
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"From Shy to Hi" Launches Soon

Talking to strangersI hoped to launch this book on 20th of June, but it’s unlikely. I got a cover late evening yesterday and the book is still going through the final revision.
New plan is to launch it on 22nd of June. Maybe I’ll keep this deadline, who knows?

In the meantime enjoy From Shy to Hi‘s excerpt. It’s one of my several stories about talking to strangers:

Unnecessary Intimidation

As I mentioned, I’m especially shy around attractive women. On my commutes to work (when most of my opportunities for meeting strangers occur), I spotted a woman about my age, who frequently traveled on the same train. Every day we would get off the same train and walk to the same bus stop.
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How to Sell More Books on Amazon

How to sell more books on Amazon

Are you an indie author? Wouldn’t you want to know how to sell more books on Amazon? Wouldn’t you want to know the recipe for a publishing a bestseller? Small, simple, easy to follow … add your own favorite adjectives here.
I would.

There are quite a lot of books on Amazon which promise to give you such a formula. BTW, Amazon is full of low quality books which are produced by ghostwriters with the sole purpose of getting your money. It’s hard to tell the difference between them and the real books which are out there at the first glance.

Verifying their authors’ credibility is not an easy feat either. For example, those who write about weight loss and diets don’t usually provide their full body photos, so you can examine if they walk they talk.
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8 Easy Ways to Help Your Indie Author on Amazon

Traditionally published authors usually have a huge audience. Because of the volume of supporters they also tend to don’t appreciate your individual support. Bah! Sometimes, overwhelmed by the adoration, they even hide from their readers!

Indie authors are hungry for contact with their readers—and I mean “hungry” like a werewolf on a full moon night.
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"Write. Publish. Repeat." Review

write publish repeat review
Write. Publish. Repeat. is a book written by a couple of indie authors with the goal to cover the whole field of independent publishing for all who want to write or want to take their writing business to the next level.

Yes, business. It’s not a book about how to write better or use beautiful metaphors in your works. It’s is about writing, publishing and making money out of it.
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Book Launch Autopsy

catapultI am incredibly lucky. My editor, Chris, not only offered me his superb editing services for free; he was just starting his indie author support business and he wanted to hone his marketing approach on my book. He offered to make a full-out marketing campaign for me, free of charge.
I jumped at that chance.


The 4th of January, we had our first Skype call when we basically got to know each other better. Chris asked me several questions about my up to date marketing strategy (almost non-existent).
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Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day launches tomorrow!

I am so excited to announce that my latest book officially launches on Amazon Kindle tomorrow, Tuesday, January 28th! It will be on free promotion until Friday, January 31st! A lot of work has gone into writing the book and getting the word out, but it has all been worth it because I am so passionate about sharing this message. I just wanted to give you another brief look into the book and a reminder about the launch.

Why kill yourself in your daily life?

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My latest ebook, "Master Your Time in 10 Minutes A Day" launches soon!

Time management. Few concepts are so necessary, yet so dreaded. Volumes of information have been written about the topic, yet so many people still go through life scattered, stressed and stretched thin by the daily grind.
Too many of the books and courses on time management are full of vague advice and theory. That is why I set out to write a concise, specific book detailing how I reclaimed my time. Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day” outlines the actions and habits I undertook in my most productive and fulfilling year to date.
In just a few short weeks, the book will launch, and I am so excited for the life-changing potential that it has. I believe so strongly in its power, that I want you to have it for free! (More on that in just a bit)

Your dreams can coexist with your life!

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