Living The Slight Edge

Exactly three years ago I read Jeff Olson’s book, “ The Slight Edge.” It transformed my life. Last year I summarized progress I made in the first two years.
The Slight Edge in action
It’s time to tell the story of the last year.


It was the area I had the least hopes that it would ever improve. I have never in my life witnessed anyone making a fortune or financial independence. My dad worked very hard his whole life and was constantly on the verge of bankruptcy. Continue reading

The Slight Edge in Action: 2nd Anniversary

I summarized the last two years of my life; it took some word count, so bear with me.

The Slight Edge in action

Exactly 2 years ago, 10th of August 2012 I read The Slight Edge.

Two years ago

Till that point in time I was going nowhere. No surprise, because I had no plans. I was living day by day crossing my fingers and hoping everything will going to be all right. Usually it wasn’t.
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The Accurate Future Reading without Woo-Woo

slight-edge2Here is the method of the accurate future reading. It’s relatively easy and quite reliable.

Even better, you can decide if you like your destiny and adjust your action to change your life’s direction and in the effect – its destination.

You can do it using The Slight Edge philosophy. Take a look at the chart and I’ll explain it.

The author of the book, Jeff Olson, states that your lifestyle is the product of your results which come from actions which eventuates from your attitude which are the effect of your personal philosophy. Only 5% of population achieves success, because only 5% is driven by their values on an everyday actions level.

They embrace the discipline and responsibility for their lives. The rest of us decide to rather do what’s comfortable now and don’t care about the future fallouts. That’s the way of the downward curve, which leads to failure.

Why this idea is revolutionizing and made this book a bestseller? Because success and failure boil down to the simple things you do every day. And they all are small, easy to do and easy not to do.

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