I’m an avid reader and I know that the chemistry between a reader and author is important.
It’s easier to pick up new ideas if the writer isn’t arrogant or ‘know-it-all’. Books written in a friendly style are more fun to read and absorb the message. This sample will help you decide into which category my books belong 😉
I’m also a writer. I put all my best ideas and experience in my books. But you don’t know me and the books cost dollars. Besides, they are currently available for purchase only at Amazon.
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I wrote five volumes in “How to Change Your Life in 10 Minute a Day” series. The first is about weight loss (available for free on Smashwords and Amazon); the second about speed reading; the third about turning around kid’s education; the fourth about managing your time; the fifth about overcoming shyness.
Each one is based on my experience. Each one is short and to the point.
Each includes techniques I successfully applied for about 10 minutes a day.
Here’s my suggestion: Pick one area of your life you want to improve, download my book, read it and give its message just 10 minutes of practice a day.
You can start today. I sincerely hope my book will help turn Your life around.
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