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  • Direct interactions with Michal on be-weekly live calls
  • Direct daily access to Michal
  • Mindset coaching that utilizes natural processes to re-shape your worldview
  • Strict accountability
  • A group of like-minded individuals associated with a common goal

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Program structure and benefits:

A group call every other week. I will hold you accountable, answer your questions and give you personalized homework.

A bi-weekly email from me with guidelines and assignments for the next week.

Access to a secret FB group of like-minded individuals focused on improving their personal philosophy.

Copy of “Trickle Down Mindset” in any digital format.

Accountability directly from me. I’ll check your “homework” every week and keep you accountable for it.

Direct access to me via audio messages both in a group setup and one-on-one. Often the biggest value of coaching lies in a support and encouragement when the going gets tough and you cannot wait a week to get over your funk.

You will have a right to reserve my additional coaching services (1-1 online coaching via daily text messages or 1-1 live video coaching) at current prices during the whole year of the program. I don’t know where will I be in the next 12 months with my business, but you have a guarantee of price if you decide to purchase any additional services.

You can send me emails about the program and I’m obliged to answer them all in a timely fashion (before the next program’s milestone- an email blast or a call).

To get the most of this coaching you need a smartphone or frequent access to a desktop computer. I will recommend a few applications that work best used frequently. Having a Facebook account can provide additional networking and accountability advantages.
The bi-weekly calls will take place on weekends (between 10 pm on Friday and 10 pm on Sunday). Replays will be available, but you will miss out if you won’t participate in live sessions.

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