The Essence of Common Sense

Exercise Every Day

This book is so down to earth, that you can smell the mud.

In a couple of places, it was its weakness. You shouldn’t use common sense against lazy bums who “are not motivated” or against “mental” cases (Mental Stumbling Blocks). Whoever expected a pep talk at these moments would have been disappointed. Scott’s answer is almost the same every time:

“Get real and grow up! Nobody will do the job for you. It’s your body and your exercises. On the ground and gimm’e 50!”

Well, maybe not exactly these words, but I’m apt at reading between the lines 😉

It’s Working

You won’t find an ounce of BS in this book. Sheer practical advice is the only thing you’ll get out of it. I exercise every day, so long that I’ve actually forgotten when I started. Eight years ago I think. I work out when I’m sick. I work out when in travel. I work out when I have days off and when I work 16 hours a day. Information in Exercise Every Day may not be bright or shiny, but it’s WORKING.

The interesting thing is how the book was outlined. SJ asked hundreds (if not thousands―ask the author) of people what they struggle most with when it comes down to adopting a daily exercise habit. He also encouraged them to share their successful strategies for coping with those obstacles. This not so very long book is therefore the essence of wisdom of many.
And it certainly helped that Scott is a practitioner himself. He ran dozens of marathons. He has been exercising every day for years and faced most of those obstacles himself.

Read, Apply, Exercise Every Day

So, if you’ve missed a day of exercise in the past three years, this is an obligatory lecture for you!

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Book Review: Exercise Every Day

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