How to find peace
I’ll tell you how good this book is. It’s so good that when I came back to it to write down some quotes (and they hit me again like a ton of bricks) I finally decided:

“That’s it! I’m buying Kindle as soon as the next royalties come. I can’t afford reading such books without highlighting!”

I usually read on my old eReader device and use those reading sessions as speed reading practices. This is a short book; I’ve read it within less than an hour. But it’s precious. Don’t read it in a rush. This book should be contemplated sentence by sentence.

Beau Norton is not the best writer in the world. He even managed to contradict himself in the same paragraph, admitting that his ruminations may sound like “philosophical nonsense,” but “you need to practice it to see benefits.” Well, have you ever tried to practice philosophical nonsense?

But even the best writers of the world have trouble describing spiritual life in mere words. I know this very well because for the last 2.5 years, I’ve been studying the works of saints. By the way, Beau doesn’t try to preach Catholicism or even Christianity; however, his conclusions would have been dear to every saint.

Several months ago, I read a very similar book about spirituality and I was dismayed. I judged it as “utter hogwash.”

Beau’s message is basically the same, but he presented it in a more coherent way.

“How to Find Peace” was much closer to my heart. I also went through some serious life changes and above average spiritual turmoil a few years ago, so I can appreciate both the message and author’s struggle with words. Some things just must be lived, not explained.

I loved the tone of this book: uplifting and heartwarming and at the same time serious to the point of pain. We like to lie to ourselves so much that when the truth is finally presented, it’s simply painful.

I knew most of this stuff, but still the message made me scrutinize my internal life and admit my shortcomings. “How to Find Peace” also helped me verbalize some feelings I had deep inside. I felt, but I didn’t comprehend. I read chapter after chapter, nodding to myself.

I found the chapter about success especially mind blowing and enlightening.

What else can I say? What you are waiting for? Grab it and read it!

Book Review: How to Find Peace

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