This is how my new book starts. I shared this introduction in the authors’ group on Facebook:

Bulletproof Health and Fitness
Any improvement you can make in the functioning of your body improves your well-being.

You may wonder about my qualifications. I’m neither a personal trainer nor a bodybuilder. I’m neither vegan nor diet specialist. I’m an ordinary guy who takes care of his body among a multitude of duties all of us have: job, family, church, and more. In my job, I spend four hours a day commuting and eight hours a day sitting behind a desk.

I’m male. I’m 36 years old. Let’s check out my body and my health. I am 5’5” tall (shorter than average). I weigh about 143 lbs. I can do 147 consecutive push-ups or 30 archer’s push-ups on one arm. My record is 46 consecutive chin-ups and 43 consecutive pull-ups. I’ve heard that’s quite an extraordinary performance for someone training without weights for only 15 minutes a day.

I was last sick in July 2013, with a fever of some kind (plus a nasty case of a runny nose in October 2015). I began taking proper care of my body only about three years ago. I had paid almost no attention to it before.

All of the above indicators point to me having achieved something I call a successful body. The stamina and strength I get from it provides me with loads of energy. I’m able to do much more than merely fight each day for another breath of air.

My friends went bonkers. One, a black-belt karate master, wrote to me:

Michal, any chance I could look at a reserve copy? I too used to do over 100 consecutive pushups at your age. At 48 I do NOT… But it isn’t because of age but rather because I gave up the habit. I want to return to my prior levels and you and your book description have inspired me.

Another, an author and speaker who earned about $200k just this year, sent me a message:

… Lastly, from the intro you have pure gold… you basically say you’re regular guy who now can do an amazing number of pull-ups and pushups etc. in 15 minutes a day. Do you know how many guys WANT to do that?!?! I feel like a total wimp because I can’t do pull-ups and pushups. I think you could really emphasize this someone in the title. Just brainstorming…(…) You could position this book just on those specific accomplishments OR at the very least publish this book and then immediately publish another using most of the same content but just focused on pull-ups and pushups. I really think you are sitting on something great here.

I didn’t expect such reaction. I take my fitness level for granted and REALLY don’t do anything special or magical. I just consistently practice a few small disciplines.

I don’t consider my health or fitness to be overly important, neither do I worship them, nor do I try to look like a fitness model. I simply need a strong body to sustain me in my daily hustle. Jim Rohn called it “a support system”. I don’t have time for sickness. I don’t have resources to afford waiting for a good mood. I have to be at my peak state (or at least a high performance state) whenever I find several minutes between my day job tasks and everyday responsibilities to pursue my dream.

I needed focus and energy when I woke up 4 am today to finalize my book publication. I needed it a few minutes before 7 am when I arrived to the office, formatted the manuscript and submitted it to Amazon. I needed it when I formatted and published my answers on Quora this morning.

That’s why I take good care to be in the best shape. A couple of hours ago, I did 40 pushups on a basketball; however, that’s a lame result, I ate too much chocolate yesterday. Yes, I eat chocolate. I also eat pizza, cakes, white bread (Polish bread is so yummy!) and chips. I’m a normal person, not some fitness nuts. I don’t earn a living using my body. I am no sportsman nor personal trainer. I don’t need to be “ripped,” all I want from my body is stamina, endurance and energy.

If you live an average lifestyle, if the number of daily obligations overwhelms you to the extent that you don’t have the time to take proper care of your body, and if you constantly feel sluggish and tired, I encourage you to check out my new book “Bulletproof Health and Fitness.”

This is a book is for people who can’t suddenly switch to an extreme diet – or don’t want to – and can’t sweat in the gym for 20 hours per week. This is a health and fitness routine condensed to essentials. No fade, no hype, just a few simple habits that can transform your body and your life.

The book will be available for $0.99 during a launch period till 6th of January. Buy it on Amazon:

or look for “Bulletproof Health and Fitness” on other main eBook stores.

Bulletproof Health and Fitness

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