SPI’s The Community Experience Podcast

Photo by Amin Asbaghipour from Pexels

This morning I listened to the 1st episode of a new SPI show, The Community Experience. Below are my Cliffs Notes from the episode, things I noticed and found interesting.

BTW, I love SPI for their transcriptions. I hate the podcasts without transcripts. It takes me 10x longer to jump over the episode in the audio form to dig out all the golden nuggets. So, in this article, I’ll extensively use quotes from the podcast.

Here go my takeaways.

Body Doesn’t Equal Health

Jillian R. [the guest]: So to give some context for America, 75 percent of Americans who are adults say that they are not satisfied with their friendships. At the same time, the average American says that they have one close friend. (…)

Then when you see the impact that loneliness has on your physical health, they say that, you’ve probably heard the statistic, that loneliness impacts your health just as much as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. And the one that’s less cited is it also impacts early mortality just as much as excessive drinking.
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