Daily Rituals to Stay Laser-FocusedMy foremost ritual to stay laser-focused is my morning ritual. It takes me about 40 minutes to finish, and it has very little to do with any task I perform on an everyday basis.
But it reminds me what is important for me, what is my mission and why do I live. It perfectly serves as lenses of focus for my whole day.

My Morning Ritual

Every day, I wake with a purpose in my mind. As soon as I open my eyes, I start repeating my personal mission statement in my thoughts.
My mission statement has very little to do with what I’ll do in a given day. It’s the vision for myself at the end of my life. I talk to myself about how I should react to failure, success, what is important for me (love, God, family), how to govern my tongue and not waste time on trivia.

I guess, my personal mission statement gives me at least 50% of my focus.

The rest of my morning ritual consists of a quick intensive workout, prayers, journaling, looking at my vision board and going over hundreds of quotes and three books that shaped my personal philosophy. All those activities are directly or indirectly related to what I consider important in life and my core values.

Setting Daily Priorities

At the beginning of my work day, usually after I write in a given day, but before I start any other tasks, I take my notepad and jot down things I want to accomplish in the nearest future.

Sometimes, I have only a few points there, often several to a dozen. Those are all things that I can do in one day, usually in less than an hour. They are not huge projects, but tiny pieces of my projects.

Daily Rituals to Stay Laser-FocusedFor example, I’m going to publish a book in a month or two, co-authored with Jeannie Ingraham. The latest daily priority related to this project is not “Publish a book” or even “Write the book,” but “Write an email to Jeannie and ask her to send everything she already wrote.”

Whenever I don’t put out the fires or mindlessly browse through the Internet, I open my notepad and scan those daily priorities. When I have time and concentration, I’m able to knock plenty of them and even add a few more to the list. When I don’t have time, I do 1-2 the most urgent. That way, all my various projects are moving steadily forward.

My Habits

I have dozens of daily habits.

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.
~ Benjamin Franklin

I firmly believe in this saying of Ben. I’m obsessed about doing my habits every day.

Studying the Bible, doing pushups, praising my kids, reading a book written by a saint for 10 minutes, writing at least 600 words, praying, practicing speed reading, checking on my coaching clients, gulping 2 glasses of water in the morning, keeping my three gratitude journals, tracking my daily actions in The Progress Journal, meditating, sending a gif with a cute animal to my wife, journaling…
Daily Rituals to Stay Laser-Focused
My days are rarely structured to the T, so each daily habit is a small point of focus for me. I’m going through my days from one habit to another. I mark them off mentally in my head, and later mark them off in a Coach.me application whenever I access it.

I’m always more focused about doing my daily habits than I am focused on daily drama, life trivia or even the job I had to do.


Recently, I’m into it for only a few weeks, I increase my focus by giving an intention to every single thing I’m doing. Well, that would be the ideal. So far, I succeeded the most with about 60 daily activities.

Everything – from brushing my teeth via cleaning the kitchen and doing job-related tasks to writing an article – gets one prayer intention attached to it in my mind. This habit both keeps me mindful about what I am currently doing, about the bigger picture and about my relationship with God.

I fight with myself to have it always in the front of my mind, and coupling my everyday actions with my prayers makes a great progress to that goal.

Those Were My Daily Rituals to Stay Laser-Focused

What are yours? Please share in comments.

My Four Daily Rituals to Stay Laser-Focused

3 thoughts on “My Four Daily Rituals to Stay Laser-Focused

  • March 16, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Nowadays, I really believe in good habits, as well. When I was younger, I thought that being spontaneous was more important, and it served me well for a while. I don’t track down everything the way you do, but I use coach.me, too, and I’ve four habits on the list at the moment: Wake up early, morning planks (workout), intermediate fasting (7pm-11am), and no alcohol. I see these four habits as the foundation for everything else in my life, and things I need to change in order to succeed. The rest (like eating healthy, mindfulness, God’s mercy) tend to follow along easily.

    • March 19, 2018 at 2:34 pm

      Good for you Tadeusz.
      Yes, habit tracking makes sense mostly when you develop new habits. I track many more, mostly to showcase my methods.

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