From Welfare to BestsellerThis is a beautiful story. It is of a family that has transformed from “working poor” through tragedy and poverty to success, with resourcefulness and entrepreneurship.

The main character is the author herself, but her husband is always in the background. They made this transformation as a family unit and that’s only one of the wonderful traits of this book, and of their story.

No Excuses

This book will cure you from excuses. It cured me. The amount of pain and anxiety Rebecca Patrick-Howard has gone through is mind blowing. It is inspiring as well. If she could grind through all her obstacles, I can grind through mine. You can too.

From Welfare…

Rebecca had a normal life, yet struggled, in a stressful job, to make ends meet. Like most jobs nowadays, this took its toll on her mental and physical health.
Unfortunately, life went progressively downhill, as she describes in an understated fashion in the book’s blurb. Rebecca and her family suffered many things: the death of a child, the loss of her husband’s job, her subsequent depression, brain surgery, permanent illness … They had to survive on food stamps.

But she didn’t give up. She decided to become an author and make a living from her writing. And she succeeded; oh, boy, she did!

…to Bestseller!

I love that this story is told from the author’s viewpoint. Yes, she is now in the top 2% of bestselling authors in the whole world. However, her rise wasn’t an overnight success. It happened because Rebecca amassed years of experience as a blogger and ghostwriter, put in consistent hustle, and has a steel determination. She managed to do it all in the midst of poverty, poor health, and family problems.

I cannot recommend “From Welfare to Bestseller” enough

You may learn something about self-publishing from it too. Rebecca’s tips are excellent, but this is a bonus byproduct of her testimonial. What you’ll really learn about is much more valuable: lessons about life that come from overcoming depression, and about the importance of resilience and staying motivated in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


Rebecca’s hard work and perseverance demonstrate the importance of cherishing the moments you get, setting priorities for both work and home, merging work and family life, and appreciating what you have right now, right here.

Just Read It

It’s the best book I’ve read in years (I have read at least 3,000 books in my life).
Please, do yourself a favor: read this book ASAP.

From Welfare to Bestseller Book Review

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