All these habits are handy for everyone, which doesn’t change the fact that they will speed up becoming a millionaire specifically for you.

1. Say What You Think and Do What You Say.

Great ideas are a dime a dozen. What differentiates millionaires from the rest of the pack is execution. You can develop a habit of execution not through planning and building multi-million ventures, but by following your own internal resolutions.

Only if you can make your deeds congruent with your decisions and declarations, you will make others to execute.
Habits that will make you millionaire

There is one additional aspect to that: if your integrity shines, you attract the right people. Your leadership takes less of your effort. People don’t second-guess your meaning. If you say “yes,” it means “yes.” This builds trust and make cooperation and teamwork frictionless.

2. Cultivate Your Vision.

You don’t become a millionaire in one day or one week. There are very rare stories of people like Kimra Luna’s who could make a million in the first big launch. Kimra made about a million in something like a week (I don’t recall details). But she had been amassing her experience for years before the launch. It was just the icing on the cake.

Making millions takes time. You need to keep your grand vision in front of your eyes and firmly established in your mind to keep going for years without much visible return.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. — Robert Louis

I published my first book in 2013. For over three years, I struggled to make it as an author. I had a few good months when I made half of my day job salary or more, but I also had streaks of several months when I earned only a few hundred dollars and had to pay my business expenses from my salary.

Habits that will make you millionaire
(volatile history of my Kindle sales)

That was frustrating and exhausting. But I started every single of my days from my morning routine that included repetition of my personal mission statement, looking at my vision board, and reminding myself why I toil like a madman every single day.

Over a year ago, I finally found a vehicle that kicked my royalties from a few hundred a month to 1-3 thousand a month. I successfully used ads on Amazon for that. My books sell about a thousand copies a month. A few months ago, I started helping other authors to utilize Amazon ads. It became a new branch of my business that grows like crazy.

3. Deep Work.

It is also called focus or concentration. It’s the ability to sit on your butt and work for hours on a single project. This is how things are getting done in the real world.

It needs some clarity and prioritization too. It’s not enough to work hard to succeed. I know plenty of hard workers who stayed poor or are doing fine, but have never been close to a millionaire status.

Studying, reading and writing are good activities to develop this skill/habit.

In a few days I’ll share another 3 “millionaire habits.”

Habits that Will Make You a Millionaire – Part I

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