Never Binge Again book reviewI loved this book.
Mind you, I didn’t have balls to write my own Food Plan and commit to it 100%, but I still love the concept.
Just writing the Food Plan down will help you realize how much ambiguity you allow in your life. And this grey area is where you truly fail.

I sometimes have a binging problem. That’s a fact. I gained about 12 pounds a few months ago, and it took some rigid discipline to lose them again.

I can see how I could achieve it and maintain it with Never Binge Again framework.
I only refuse to make my eating habits such a central part of my life. Thank you, I lost 15% of my body weight, and I kept my weight in a very narrow range for the last 5 years.

I shouldn’t have focused too much on my food habits in a way I shouldn’t fuss over my alcohol intake (which is about 1 beer, a few glasses of wine and a couple shots of vodka a month). It would have been a waste of my mental energy.

But I recommend the Never Binge Again approach to anyone who has an eating disorder (read: often binging). If you simply struggle to maintain your weight, it will be beneficial to design your Food Plan just for the sake of clarity.

Not Just Eating

What I liked best in this book were not “food struggles,” but struggles with your subconscious mind. Many techniques Glenn described could be used in overcoming different kind of addictions.
I’m a big fan of planning on paper and discussing with your subconscious in writing. Glenn is so very right that its arguments usually come down to “because I want it!”
If you don’t fight on the battlefield of subconscious’ choice – your head – and take the battle to a piece of paper, your position immediately improves. Now you can use the power of rational mind and see how irrational (read: stupid) are remarks of your subconscious mind.

And the separation of those vicious voices in your head from what you consider your “self” is a brilliant idea.

A very interesting and thought-provoking read.

Never Binge Again Book Review

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