This is how Michael Gerber titled his famous book: The E-Myth (entrepreneur’s myth): I will do it all by myself.

Nope. If you try to succeed that way, you will burn yourself out. Your business growth will be capped by your own abilities and capabilities. Most likely, you will become the bottleneck of your business.

Humans are social creatures, all humans, including entrepreneurs. We want to believe in the lone strong wolf myth, but heck! – wolves are social animals too.

There is no more lonely occupation than that of an author. It is like a lone wolf myth epitomized. But after a decade in the self-publishing world, I tell you: the most successful authors cooperate with others.

They have their teams, or at least contractors with whom they cooperate on a regular basis. They are eager to get in touch with their readers. They value – and look for – feedback about their writing. They connect with other authors and share experiences, both in the business and craft aspects. They attend authors conferences. They have meetings with their readers.

Authors who do the above sell more books and make more money than those who try to perfect their craft in isolation and wait for the world to discover their genius.

Recap of How to Beat an Isolation as a Business Owner Series

Are you aiming for excellence? Get out of isolation ASAP. Find someone you can discuss about everything with – especially about your worries and struggles.

Well, don’t do it in a random fashion. Your spouse may not be a perfect accountability partner or a coach. They are too close to be objective. Your mother had changed your diapers, so she may not take your business endeavors too seriously.

Look for your peers, someone you are looking up to (a mentor), or just a person good at listening, with a no-judgement attitude (a coach).

Each and every person who fits the above profiles will make a huge difference in your business (and life!).

Find an accountability partner, mentor, coach or join a mastermind. As soon as possible. The best time for that was 10 years ago, the next best time is NOW.

Don’t isolate yourself. Do yourself a favor and join a pack, so you can thrive.

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