The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Lifestyle Business Book ReviewThis one was a surprise!

I’m a book-junkie, and I already read almost all in the space of ‘systemizing your business’ genre. Thus, I had very little expectations when getting The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Lifestyle Business. What new things could a 40-page long booklet teach me?

And I was right, it didn’t teach me much. However, it steeled my determination to keep working on my business (instead of “in” it).

Any CONs of this book? Well, it’s short, so it is not comprehensive. But I think it’s actually one of the advantages. So, let’s go over the…


1. Ultra-short.

A busy entrepreneur, overwhelmed with tasks, who fights for his life to stay afloat has no time to read 300-page volumes. But he can read The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Lifestyle Business in under one hour.

This short eBook does exactly what it was designed to do – provide a DOABLE framework for busy entrepreneurs.

2. Reflective.

Despite the concise form, this book is not just a string of specific to-dos. About half of the book is about the flawed modern attitude toward business, which is especially, pardon my honesty, stupid in case of business owners. Yes, stupid:

It is absolutely crazy for us to feel guilty about working fewer hours if we get the same results in 3 days as we used to do in 6.

We are the ones who call the shots. We can decide how much we work, with whom, from where and when. Yet, most entrepreneurs don’t even see those opportunities because we are stuck with the busy work.

The author is right:
“Freedom is actually a mindset, and not a destination.”

3. Well-written.

Denise Gosnell is a good writer. This is a strictly business book, yet I read it with interest. The author skillfully sprinkles the tidbits of her own story throughout the pages, so The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating A Lifestyle Business is more than just a dry textbook.

She writes not just about the business technicalities, but about the human condition and the state of our society – all in this ultra-short booklet.

4. Great Exercises.

I admit I’ve done them too fast, without the necessary reflection, yet, they still helped me to gain some clarity. I’ll repeat some of them.

And I’m eager to try the forced hyper-efficiency exercise on my business (and myself).


The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Lifestyle Business is a real gem.

Oh, by the way, I already have a part-time business, a part-time job, a coaching practice, and I write and publish regularly. I kind of created the Lifestyle Business for myself. I rarely work more than 40 hours a week.

But I wasn’t even half as smart about this as Denise. She inspired me to squeeze even more freedom, time, and happiness out of my business activities.

If you are a business owner too busy for your own good, you need to read (and apply!) this Guide.

The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Lifestyle Business Book Review

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