Leverage $60 a Month for Your Progress
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When it comes to personal development, believe me, I have done it all.

Visualizations, chanting affirmations, reading books, listening to audio programs over and over again, till I knew them by heart, watching videos (even though I hate learning from videos), attending seminars and events…

Working on my mindset, on my fitness, productivity, relationships, spirituality, finances…
Setting goals, crafting a vision for my life, developing daily habits, creating a morning routine and an evening routine, journaling, reading motivational quotes, teaching others…

I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. I know what’s effective, and what is not. And, quite recently, I discovered something that works WAAAY better than anything else.


Other Self-Improvement Methods

In 2012, I re-started my own personal development journey. I did a lot of work on myself in the last decade.

I read hundreds of books. I listened to thousands of hours of podcast episodes. I listened to dozens of long-format audio programs from the best in the industry – Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, and others. I joined masterminds and have been in three of them for a few years. I’ve been in contact for six days a week with my accountability partner for almost 1.5 years.

I grew a lot. Ten years ago, I was just a miserable corporate cog. The only way I had ever made any money was by working for myself. Nowadays, I’m in the 1% earners in my country. I made money via coaching, mentoring, book royalties, audiobook royalties, creating audio programs, providing various services to authors, affiliate marketing, email marketing, speaking gigs, and by operating my own book advertising business.

All those hours spent on reading, listening, developing and practicing book habits provided me a handsome monetary return on investments, and even greater ROI which is hard to translate into the dollar value.

For example, peace of mind: I have multiple streams of income, and financial wellbeing of my family is not dependent on any single one of them.

Or freedom: I can work where I want, doing what I want, in a schedule that I set for myself.

Yet, my nine-year progress was dwarfed by the progress I made in the last several months, since I discovered the power of coaching.

Coaching for Personal Development

In October 2021, I started ICF-accredited coaching program. During the training, I received several hours of coaching in dozens of 20-minute mini-sessions, and a few hours of a full-blown coaching.

And I made incredible progress. I hired two new people in my business, documented and improved a good chunk of my business processes. I caught up with my publishing schedule on my two blogs. I got a few habit coaching clients, several coaching clients and advertised 20-30 new books for my customers.

I learned how to love myself. Only someone struggling with self-worth and self-beating can appreciate this enough. It is priceless!

The Matter of Price

So, I took a massive action and at the same time I grew internally, adjusted my mindset, and had a whole series of mini-breakthroughs. All thanks to coaching.

Hands down, it’s the best personal development “technique” I’ve ever explored.

Leverage $60 a Month for Your Progress
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The middle ground for coaching is $250 per hour, and there is literally no limit in the sky for the coaching fees. But you can get decent coaching for as little as $60 a month. How come?

Simply – there are people, like me, who, for various reasons, offer their services for the price well below the market price. In my case, I want to collect another 74 hours needed for my International Coaching Federation accreditation as soon as possible. Plus, I don’t have any immediate financial pressure, so I can severely discount my time.

Oh, and an hour of coaching a month is about as much as you need. A coaching process takes 6-8 sessions on average, and they are usually 3-5 weeks apart.

Alternative Costs

Of course, you could’ve used your precious $60 for other forms of personal development. What can you buy for $60? Three paperbacks? Four audiobooks? A small course on Udemy?

Yes, yes, and yes. But your chances for significant progress from such investments are meager. I cannot even count all the books I’ve read… and didn’t change my life one bit.

On the other hand, I’ve never seen a coaching session, which did not provide any lessons, feedback, or mindset shift. Maybe I’ve seen only excellent sessions, but there are slim chances for that. In my coaching training, I saw a bunch of newbies stumbling over themselves, including yours truly. Yet, each and every session brought some new insight, or change in perspective.

Clear Verdict

Are you interested in “shortcut” to personal development? Do you want to compress a 9-year growth journey into one year or less? Get a coach. There is no better way to leverage $60 a month for your progress. Sixty dollars spent on a single coaching session a month will catapult you to the unimaginable levels of progress.

Coaching is a fast line to success. It doesn’t mean you have to take it right now. I had been on the slow lane of personal development for nine years and I still progressed. Slow and steady wins the race. Slow progress is infinitely better than none at all. If you have patience for that, pick your own pace.

Just be aware there are faster methods.

I don’t know when you are reading these words. I could have collected my coaching hours counted toward accreditation a long time ago. But I have access to the new alumni of my coaching school all the time. And they are interested in collecting their coaching hours. So, the $60 price will be available until further notice.

Reach out to me, send me a message, and I can arrange you a ticket to the personal development fast lane.

The Superior Way to Leverage $60 a Month for Your Progress

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