Are you curious about a one-year delay? I explained it in my first income report.

36th Income Report March 2016Life in March 2016 was routine and relatively uneventful.

I hustled as usual, though the amount of time needed for my day job was still challenging (I found a couple of entries in my journal mentioning work at night).


My main focus was still Quora. That seemed to be the right strategy.

On the 17th of March, a friend forwarded me an article from Business Insider. One of my Quora answers was featured in it; I was named an author and they even provided a link to my Amazon profile. Wow, I spent a few months in 2015 trying to get into big publications—to no avail—and thanks to my hustle on Quora I had been ‘published’ in Business Insider.

To add a cherry on top, two days later my answers crossed the half a million viewings mark. Thanks to that exposure I really felt like a worthwhile author.

Oh, one more thing connected with Quora happened: I was contacted by an Indian personal development magazine and they asked me to write an editorial article for their issue about shyness.

Book Sales

36th Income Report March 2016Not even dwindling sales changed my positive mood. And dwindling they were. The honeymoon period for Bulletproof Health and Fitness was long over and the sales trend was clear: down and down.

These sales statistics motivated me to continue work on my next book. I gathered feedback from beta readers, including my mentor Aaron Walker, edited the manuscript, polished it (as much as I could, which meant it still was very raw) and sent it to Archangel Ink for further processing at the end of the month.


The whole month I wrote mostly answers for Quora. I dedicated a week’s worth of writing sessions to an editorial article.


My plan—to wake up at 4 am work and go to the breviary prayer with my church community—went fairly well. On checking my journal entries from March, I’m amazed how much I was able to achieve before 6 am.


I still had a proofreader back in March (in the good ol’ times) and every few days I was sending her a few thousand words to proofread. I didn’t post my Quora answers without proofreading.

An accounting office almost finished work on my taxes. I had to revisit them, because they made some obvious mistakes in their calculations. It appeared they made errors when converting a couple of currencies.

Reporting global sales, especially if they are in fractions of dollars, is a pain in the ass. My tax adventures didn’t finish there, either, but hopefully all those hurdles have prepared me to do it better and faster this year.

That’s It

No big events. I just kept my face to the grindstone and plugged away. Priorities were clear: Quora; Lent; taxes; using opportunities as they arose and continuing the publishing process of the next book.

The Income Report Breakdown

Amazon royalties: €1081.91 ($1218.46)
CreateSpace royalties: €49.16 ($55.06)
Draft2Digital royalties for 2015 and January 2016: $119.75 fees: $31.54

Total: $1424.81
A notable new position in my income report is Draft2Digital. Unfortunately, “the rest of the world” sells less than 5% copies I sell on Amazon. Usually much less.

$150.87, VA’s remuneration
$30, View From the Top Community fee
$29, Aweber fee
$30.30, royalties split with co-author
$23, my editor’s income share in Bulletproof Health and Fitness
$22.12, Kindle business books of my mentors
$126, a payment for accounting office
Total: $411.89

Net Result: $1012.92

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