Considering the price of this eBook (free!) it would’ve been at least unpolite to mention any CONs of it. However, I don’t remember any. I read it with pleasure and learned something along the way.

And there are multiple of The Unofficial Author’s Guide to Selling Your Book on Amazon


1. Short and to the Point.

The book has only 76 pages. Good. There is no fluff. Everything is meaty and you can easily read it in under 90 minutes.

2. Easy to Read.

The language is clear and simple. The instructions for each cheat sheet are step by step and easy to follow. This is exactly how every how-to book should be composed.

3. Solid Hacks.

I’ve been a self-publisher for over a decade, and currently have 19 books on Amazon. I also know dozens of self-publishers and share tips and tricks with them.

Yet, I learned a new trick from McCartney – how to get instant reviews at the launch date. I also learned a couple of tidbits – how hiring a cover designer impacts earnings, or how many non-verified reviews you can get per week.

So, if there was something to learn for such a veteran like me, this book is a precious resource for a newbie.

4. Right Philosophy.

I liked how the hacks described by the author matched his philosophy of self-publishing and about the Amazon platform itself.

“Making sales in self-publishing is more a journey than a destination.”

I had been selling a few thousand copies a month, and I had been selling one copy a day. Yes, it’s a journey. And it is not linear. Book sales are volatile, especially if you neglect your marketing (which I’ve done too many times to count). Even if you reach a decent level, it doesn’t mean you arrived. You can slip back in a moment, or you can aim much higher. Focus on the journey, not the destination.

“Amazon regularly changes things with the aim of improving its own sales figures.”

Amazon’s agenda is not necessarily aligned with your own agenda. Keep that in mind. You, an author, are in the business of providing entertainment or changing lives. Amazon is in the business of making the most money while maintaining high customer satisfaction. Most of the time, your direction is the same, but it can change in a heartbeat. Be prepared.


The Unofficial Author’s Guide to Selling Your Book on Amazon is well worth its price. No, the price tag is not “free.” It’s your time. When I sell my time to my customers, my price tag is currently $125 per hour. I spent about one hour reading this book. I made a bargain.

If you are in the self-publishing business and wonder about any of the questions asked in the book description, you NEED to read The Unofficial Author’s Guide to Selling Your Book on Amazon.

You will get in value much more than $125.

Book Review: The Unofficial Author’s Guide to Selling Your Book on Amazon

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