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Here are some places I’ve been interviewed


Sweat Equity Podcast with Eric Readinger & Law Smith
Small Business Answer Man with Gary Wilbers
Blog Talk Radio with Denise Griffitts
The Savvy Scribe Podcast with Janine Kelbach
That Was The Moment Podcast with Duschanca
The Balance Code Podcast with Katie Rossler
Better Habits with Lidia Chmel
Sip and Soul Podcast with Angie Leitnaker
The Maverick Paradox Magazine with Judith Germain
The MindFit Method with Michael Fancher
Millionaires R Made with Austin
Strive For Good Life Podcast with Nino Pingera
Energy Sector Heroes with Michelle Fraser
Smashing the Plateau with David Shriner-Cahn
Nothing Specific Podcast with Jay
Entrepreneurshit Happens with T. Marlene and Castor Troy
Strategy Rewind with Miguel Lebron
Stories That Inspire Us with Janis Melillo
The Balanced Life Podcast with Dr. Justin Tilghman
Keep It Simple Strategies Podcast with Jamie and Chris
High Achiever’s Podcast with Craige Hardel
The Language of Leadership Podcast with Chuck Marting
The Independent Boss with Daniel Olawuyi
Nova Wholistic with Dijana Harris
Business Recharged Podcast with Philisha Mack
Stop Dieting with David Medansky
Beyond Retirement with Jacquie Doucette
Motivation without the Hype with Gez Perez
Alchemy for Authors Podcast with Jo Buer
Living The Dream with Timothy Douglas
Thankful Project with Ebony Bass
The Be Better Broadcast with Brandon Eastman
Happily Ever Habits with Jason Hardwood
Label Free Podcast with Deanna Marie Radulescu
The Yakking Show with Peter & Kathleen
Inspired Money with Andrew Wang
Work at Home RockStar Podcast with Tim Melanson
The Resilient with Ozlem Tuskan
Dating with Dignity with Marni Battista
The Life Trail Podcast with Mahmoud Sultan
My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle
People of Purpose with Tanur Badgley
Building a Business That Lasts with with Jay Owen
12 Minute Convos – episodes 9,616,2413
Hello TechPros : How to Publish 15 Books on Amazon After Your Spouse Says Your Writing Sucks — Michal Stawicki on Motivation

Self-publishing Podcasts:

The Dead Man Walking Podcast: So you wanna be an author? Learn how to go for it with self-published author Michal Stawicki
Book Marketing Success Podcast: Michal Stawicki: On Collaborating for Success
Writer on the Side : How to Sell More Books Using Amazon Ads with Michal Stawicki
The Main Street Author Podcast : An Interview with Amazon Book Expert & Author, Michal Stawicki
Book Marketing Mentors : How to Use Simple Habits to Become Enormously Successful
Happy Self-Publishing Show : How to Get the Best ROI from Amazon Ads?
Authority Self-publishing: Michal Stawicki on 1 Million Views on Quora and The Slight Edge
Writer 2.0: 14 books in 30 Months with Michal Stawicki

Blog Interviews:

Productivity Stacks
Books Reviews and More
Let’s Reach Success

Some places I’ve been featured

Good Men Project
Complete Wellbeing

I’m a contributing writer for the Good Men Project
Complete Wellbeing
Thrive Global
Better Humans
Personal Growth

Guest Posts:
Develop Good Habits
Side Hustle Nation
Suffering From “Monthly Income Envy”? Here’s Some Help Rob Cubbon
Kindlepreneur: Amazon Book Ads – A Remarkable Case Study

My Books’ Reviews:

The Remarkable Power of Consistency:
Build The Life You Want with Bronson Wilks

The Art of Persistence:
Book Reviews and More
Learn to Read with Great Speed