Your Life Has a Meaning p. I

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In God’s plan, every man is born to seek self-fulfillment, for every human life is called to some task by God.
Populorum Progressio, 15

You’ve heard it right. Every one of us has a task to do on this planet. You are not so unique to be different from the rest of humanity in this regard. And it’s up to you to detect and fulfill your purpose.

Logotherapy – the science behind purpose

Victor Frankl, the author of a psychology school called Logotherapy, spent a good part of his life provingthe above words of Paul VI. He was a scientist, a professor; he had a great mind. I can’t describe his theory and the way he constructed it and the load of data supporting his point of view in one blog post, no matter how expanded. There is a multitude of volumes written about the subject.
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