Affordable Personal Coaching

Your chances for success increase manifold with my assistance

“I was working on losing excess weight. Each time I felt defeated and wanted to give up, Michal would come back with some simple solution and words of encouragement.
Because of Michal I was able to break-through my fears, and mostly my excuses. If the scale failed to be ‘reasonable’ then the tape measure became my new friend. The inches are peeling away and it is all because of Michal’s caring and persistence.
He’s a winner, and if you are looking for persistence in a coach, then Michal will be the best coach for you! I highly recommend him!”

I write from my experience, so whatever I covered in my books, I can teach you with four times more chances for success than a genius who ‘hasn’t been there, hasn’t done that.’ I’ve been there, so I know exactly what it takes.

Daily communication will allow us to shorten the feedback loop to the minimum. In a few days, we will zoom in on your specific goal and daily practice that will help you achieve it. From this point, I will be with you along the way every single day. You won’t be left alone to deal with excuses of your subconscious mind or external obstacles.

“Michal was an excellent coach. I had been working on my personal mission statement for a number of months and had just sort of stalled out.
With Michal’s assistance, daily check in’s and gentle nudges I have been able to craft it to the point that I am very happy with it and using it daily.
He has been an excellent coach. I knew he was in my corner and would not stop working until we hit the goal. I highly recommend him. ”
Steven R.

No more broken promises to yourself!

My 1:1 personal coaching will finally let you finish what you’ve resolved to do.

We can work at any goal/skill/habit you pick. I have a proven track record of coaching my clients to their desired final result in many various areas of life, especially those covered in my books.

“Michal helped me to reorganize my entire daily routine to become better myself.
With few easy strategies from him, I found time in my schedule to achieve my daily goals. I developed in me few good habits, which help me to be more systematic person.
He lives, what he preaches. Highly recommended!”

Change yourself, change your life, change the world

Next Level

Developing new good habits is the most reliable way to change an individual’s behavior and, in effect, the results they get. Once you master the skill of molding yourself according to your vision, an infinity of exciting possibilities will open in front of you.
Five years ago, I had no aspirations and no sense of purpose. Today, I am a writer and a life coach. Let’s see where you can be in the next five years.

If you are interested and I deem you ready, in about a month we can switch to an even more advanced model of life coaching without a significant change in both time and money investment.
We would work on a few goals at a time, again, in any area you choose.


  • Starting from $15 a week
  • Your coaching subscription will bill weekly until you cancel, and you can cancel at any time.
  • As low as $65 a month
  • RISK-FREE! Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you’re not happy with your coaching experience I want to know about it—and CoachMe’ll be happy to give you a refund.


  • You’ll get the first message from me within 24 hours
  • I should check in with you nearly every day (according to a schedule that we work out together).
  • You’ll work directly with me
  • I have personal, rather than theoretical, experience


  • Mentorship and accountability.
  • Asynchronous contact. We don’t need to live in the same timezone or even be awake at the same time.
  • Personalized advice. Simply ask for it.
  • Continuous assessment and ongoing re-evaluation.
  • Habits. Growth. Sustainability.

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