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If you found yourself on this page, chances are you are searching for a time management strategy that fits your life. You may have tried other approaches, spent tens or even hundreds of dollars on books or courses on the subject, or searched the web looking for help, only to find a lot of theory and vague advice.

I’m here to help!

My name is Michal Stawicki. I am a married father of three with a demanding job in IT and a time-consuming daily commute. I grew up in communist Poland, at a time when opportunity was scarce. A year ago, I looked at my life and didn’t like what I saw. The daily grind had taken its toll. I was overweight, constantly stressed over my finances and disconnected spiritually. I realized that this life was not sustainable.

In a high tide, all ships rise

I was done with excuses and regrets; I was ready to thrive. Then a stunning thing happened! I discovered that not only did I want to share my methods for personal growth with others, but that doing so was my duty, my true purpose. I knew that the greatest good would come not from just changing my life, but from helping others change theirs. Out of this, my ebook series “How to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day” was born.

Fast-forward a year

In just a year, my life has become something I never dreamed possible. By utilizing and honing my specific approach to time management, my financial and physical health are better than ever, I spend more time with my family and I am pursuing my dreams with fervor! I still have that demanding job, the long commute and all the other commitments that had me so brow-beaten in the past, but now I’m happy, healthy and connected once again. I now see myself well on the way to being a full-time author and fulfilling my true purpose. In the last year, I’ve written over 150,000 words and published four books.

I want to share my steps to success with you

In a few short weeks, my next book “Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day” will hit the Amazon Kindle store. I am very excited about the impact this book will have. This book is full of specific, actionable steps that are sure to make your productivity skyrocket! Written for busy people, “Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day” will not waste your time with vague advice or dense theory.

I believe so strongly in my book’s message, I want you to have it for free!

Master Your Time In 10 Minutes a Day” was available for free download from Amazon for the first four days following its launch. But I saved one more free day for you! If you don’t own a Kindle, that’s ok! You can download the Kindle app and read the book right on your iPhone, Android, tablet or computer. If you are struggling to find work-life balance or the time to follow your passions, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to download my book for free!

So, I’m going to make it easy

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