I originally posted this info in the Slight Edge community for my acquaintances to read. It was a couple of weeks ago and the numbers (especially “last 16 days”) were true for that period. There are just better now 😉 :

Hey people! I’m excited to tell you about the app I’ve been using for the last 16 days.
It’s Lift, an app helping to develop and track your habits. It’s amazingly good at it.
It’s ideal for daily habits.
The application is free for users. There are two basic versions: online and mobile for iPhone. I use the Web version, but I consider buying an iPhone just for the sake of this app.

The idea behind the app
The idea is simple. You choose the habits you want to develop/track, you add them to your list or create your own habit. Then you work on your list every day ticking the done disciplines one by one. You can add your own notes to each entry. Other users can cheer you on, encourage or share the advice.

It’s working like magic! Lift is built around accountability, social support and tracking. Entire communities gather around specific habits. It shouldn’t make any difference if a bunch of total strangers sees that I slack off or not, right? I’m an adult responsible for my own actions and emotions and it should not influence me a bit.

Tracking is the king
I have tracked my habits diligently since November 2012. And the last two weeks were the best. I didn’t realize how much of a social animal I am. At time of writing this post, I have my habits record for the 69 days before using Lift. Just a few examples.
During those days I didn’t medicate my nose on 11 occasions. I’ve been repeatedly forgetting to do it. During those 16 days I didn’t forget even once.

I keep a watch over my son’s reading and learning. I check on him every single day. I failed 10 times during the previous 69 day period. Not once since using Lift.

Tracking + social accountability is the emperor
But I’m blown away by the 3rd example. I work on overcoming my shyness and making myself more sociable. To achieve this, I try to talk to a stranger at least once a day. It’s quite difficult for me, so I have “lighter” versions of this discipline. Sometimes I chip into others’ conversations. The absolute minimum is to smile at people and stir some reaction, preferably a smile back.
So, during the previous 69 days I neglected this discipline 13! times and did it properly—I actually talked to a stranger—12 times.
For the last 16 days the results are: the discipline neglected once, talking with a stranger—13 times!!! I think twice I even talked with 2 different people.

More results
I had two full weeks in a row without neglecting a single habit out of 33 I track on Lift during working days (I don’t do all of my habits at the weekends).
I’ve managed to write at least 400 words each day. Before Lift I always had problems with that at the weekends.
This app is plainly awesome! It boosted my productivity and abilities. The funny thing is, that I already did the same things I’m doing on Lift right now. I’ve been tracking habits, checking them off each day for months. And it still made so much difference!

The fly in the ointment and recommendation
I recommend it for everyone interested in developing and keeping good habits, however there are disadvantages, too. Lift does a poor job in tracking less frequent—weekly or monthly—habits.
And there is no privacy policy. Everyone can see everything. The creators of Lift advise using a nickname if it’s an issue for you.
I don’t mind being a little bit uncomfortable and transparent, so I’m just crazy about it 😉
If you decide to join Lift, here is my profile, so we can get connected:

Lift yourself

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  • October 28, 2013 at 2:47 pm


    Love Lift! I am such a fan of tracking and the social aspects. A great tool for that little extra push!


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