I would even say it’s great to be a loser. It’s a perfect starting situation. It’s your chance.
It’s not an overstatement, not at all. Just look at all the advantages:

1.  It’s so easy to realize your situation.
Are you morbidly obese? You just look in the mirror and see it.
Are you broke? It’s a no-brainer to recognize it. You have no savings and you can’t pay off your debts.

2. You can’t avoid the responsibility.
It’s almost impossible to lie to yourself when the reality is screaming the truth at your every step: “You are a loser”! And if you are a real loser, it’s very, very hard to find excuses like, “I didn’t have this or that, the circumstances were against me” and so on, and so on. The self-talk of a real loser is different; he/she knows very well who is responsible for the situation: “Crap, I’m a failure. How could I let this go so far?! What’s wrong with me?”

3. It’s easy to improve.

If you have lost something, you must have done something massively wrong. And if your errors in judgment are so huge, they are easy to spot.

Again, are you obese? You probably don’t exercise, you deprive yourself of sleep, you eat way too much pizza, fast foods, chips, sweets and you don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits.
Are you broke? You don’t earn or you earn too little, you spend too much, you borrow carelessly.

Your errors are obvious and your solutions are obvious, too. Eat less, move more. Earn more, spend less, pay your debts on time.

4. It’s easy to keep the momentum going.
You see your improvement almost immediately when you start correcting your errors in judgment. Let’s say you were obese and you gave up the fast food and started to work out on a daily basis. How long will it take to make you notice the results? A couple of weeks at max.
And put yourself in the skin of the short and skinny guy who is only a few pounds overweight. He works out; he doesn’t eat crappy foods. First of all he doesn’t know where to start to lose some weight, because it seems like he is doing all right.

OK, after some consideration he decides to cut out 1/3 of his daily portion of bread and to do 40 push ups a day more. Guess when will he see the scale moving significantly? It will take some time and the longer this period is, the more likely he will give up his efforts.

All in all, if you are a loser, your mindset is open to change. Well, in a lost situation every change seems to be a change for better, doesn’t it?
80% of success is psychology, so we can assume you are prepared for success.
Yes, being a loser it’s not too bad; it’s not the worst curse that could happen to you.

I will tell you what’s the worst curse in another post.

It's OK to be a loser.

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