There is a surprising number of steps to go through in order to publish an eBook on Amazon:
– brain dump
– research
– find two categories for a book
– daily portion of writing
– structure a book (chapters, sub-chapters, table of contents)
– formatting—headlines, fonts, table, pictures and so on
– spell check

– editing, at least 3 times
– create a cover for a book
– implement the final-final edits (if you add something in the last moment, as I did)
– add a copyright notice
– polish a title page
– prepare a book description
– prepare an author’s page text
– in my case, reviewing of both of the above by my native speaking friends
– convert an eBook to a mobi format and check it out
– preview it on the Kindle preview program
– test and correct all discrepancies between Word and Kindle version
– correct a book’s description
– create an author’s page and link it to a book
– marketing an eBook before launching it for free
– marketing on FB during a free promotion

At least that was my journey from the book’s idea to its publication. I didn’t add the steps not correlated directly to the book, like registering on Amazon, creating a bank account and so on.

Some of those points are trivial; some of them quite complicated. All must be done to do the job in the right way. Most of them need to be done in this particular order, so the plan to coordinate them is highly desirable.

Two actions are critical— writing and editing. And they both can be done in a form of a daily discipline. I’ve been writing at least 400 words a day. I was lucky to outsource the edit, but still applying the corrections took some of my time.
If you have any Kindle publishing questions, I’ll answer them gladly.

All I learned about Kindle publishing described on my blog.

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