Even with my moderate level of success, I’ve been approached by people who wanted to start their writing career quite often.
Up to quite recently I had no resource to send them to. There was nothing really valuable on the market, only some half-scammy courses created for Kindle Gold Rushers that taught more about gaming a system than writing and publishing.

This year I finally can refer people to a great resource. This is Authority Pub Academy by Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport.

Authority Pub Academy

Why do you need a course in the first place?

Self-publishing learning curve is brutal and may be expansive. I estimate that I spent on promo sites alone about $1,000 since starting my writing career. Some of that money was well invested, most wasn’t, and I just paid the price for learning the ropes.

I also paid quite a substantial amount of $$ in my time, especially when it came to hiring freelancers. When you have no clue, it costs you to find good service providers.

Publishing is a business and as such it has its expanses. I estimate you need to invest at least $200 to publish an eBook. If you have access to people with appropriate skills (editing, formatting, cover design, etc.) and can barter for some services, it may be less and of course there is no upper limit (John Lee Dumas raised almost half a million dollars for his book launch on Kickstarter).

It pays off to learn the secrets of trade from people who have been and done that than to learn in a hectic way as I did, wasting your time and money.

Thus, even if you are on a budget, I’m convinced it’s better to invest a few hundred dollars upfront and cut your learning process at least in half.

Why should you pay attention to what I say?

I started publishing in 2013, I have 15 eBooks, several paperbacks, three translations and an audiobook under my belt. According to DigitalBook data, I am among top 7% of self-publishers. I began my writing career from below ground level with no authority, no following, no skills, no clue and English is not my first language.

Clearly, I learned something on the way.

I jumped on Authority Pub Academy’s bandwagon as soon as humanly possible, I got an early bird access and gave some feedback to the course creators.


Steve Scott is THE authority on Kindle. I’ve been constantly monitoring Kindle market for the last three years and trust me, he is the most successful non-fiction self-publishing author hands down. He wrote himself and published over 50 eBooks and generates consistently 5-figures a month from his Kindle business. He knows what he is talking about.
Authority Pub Academy
And he is a great teacher. When I was preparing to publish my first book, I used his “61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books” as a blueprint for my business. It was a God-send resource. I was a complete greenhorn, but with his advice it took me about three weeks to publish my first book (which, by the way, has sold over 2150 copies so far).


I love the structure of Authority Pub Academy. It’s arranged into six separate modules, but they can be accessed anytime in any order since day one. To prevent the information overload, one of the first lessons from Scott is Just in Time Learning, a concept that allows you to focus on one thing at a time. The modules are very comprehensive and they are broken down to absurdly detailed small actionable pieces.
This structure is ideal for people who have published a few books and already know something about self-publishing, but want to get to know about some specific aspects, like formatting, finding an editor and so on.

At the same time, the small digestible pieces of content are great for newbies to learn the craft of publishing.

As far as I can tell, Authority Pub Academy covered everything from A to Z that writing and publishing consist of: writer’s mindset and habits, writing and editing process, hiring freelancers, email marketing, the importance and technical details of having author’s platform, utilizing books’ content in various ways (audiobooks, translations, online courses and so on).
This is a complete resource for anyone who is serious about making a living as an author.

The content in Authority Pub Academy has been originally created in video format, but since then a lot of lessons were transcripted, which I personally love. Learning from videos is not my cup of tea, I strongly prefer written word.

Social aspect

Both courses gather their students in dedicated Facebook groups where you can exchange experience with your peers, ask questions, find support, encouragement and accountability.

Authority Pub Academy’s group is frequently visited by Scott and Barrie and if you tag them in the post they will reply in person in a couple days at most, but usually much more swiftly.
In the team responsible for the course there is also Ron who is very knowledgeable about technical aspects of running an online business. He also had some valuable input into the Academy’s content, I learned quite a lot about blog and book pages from him.

Authority Pub Academy’s group is relatively peaceful, but the quality of its members blows my mind. They shared very advanced strategies developed and tested by themselves and on themselves. It’s a pleasure to be around them.


Authority Pub Academy is a buffet meal. You have access to anything at any time and you are supposed to pick only what you really need at this very moment: if you want to build an email list, you study this aspect; if you want to publish your book in a foreign language, you study another piece of Academy’s content.
The course creators treat you as an adult. You are responsible for your learning process and applying what you learned and they assume you know best what’s good for you.


One payment of $647 or three payments of $249.

Final recommendation

I swear for Authority Pub Academy. I published my first book a long time ago, and a dozen more of them. I don’t need whipping to get things done. I want to build a business upon my writing and that’s all what Authority Pub Academy is about.

If your goal is similar, buy the course ASAP*.
Authority Pub Academy

*You’ve probably guessed it already, but it won’t hurt to say it aloud: those are my affiliate links for Authority Pub Academy and if you purchase the course I will get a commission.

Authority Pub Academy: THE Resource for Self-publishers

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  • May 10, 2018 at 11:51 am

    This Course seems to be the good thing to do. I am in South Africa and I wish to learn more about writing and self publishing, I am a potential writer. Can you please explain more about pricing in Rand’s?South African currency so that I can have better understanding.


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