The disclaimer first. I will receive a tiny amount of cash if you subscribe to Buck Books email list. It’s the service of my former publisher, so my opinion about it is far from non-judgmental. Having said that, my opinion is not for sale. If I thought they might abuse their relationship with their subscribers I would never promote this service. It just is a great deal for readers.

Buck Books is a secret weapon of Archangel Ink. The idea is very simple. You never pay more than a buck for the book.

They claim on their site that they promote both fiction and non-fiction, but they are heavily skewed toward the latter. However they cooperate with many authors from different genres and they are growing rapidly. Variety will never be a problem with Buck Books.

Service for readers

First of all you can visit their site anytime and check out what they are promoting.

Secondly you can ‘fire and forget’. Subscribe to their list and when they will have a book (or several) on the promo, they will send you a message straight to your mailbox.

They use this tool to promote my books, so I subscribed to check on them. And I’m super-stoked with what they do. There is exactly zero fluff in their communication. Each and every email from them is about cheap or free books. Nothing else.
Buck Books for Readers

There are no tricks involved, no changing sender address or shoddy affiliate offers promoting other products.

I received exactly one affiliate offer within the month I’ve been one of their subscribers and it was book-related AND it had a one year money back guarantee. Bearable.

I found it super easy setting the filter for their newsletter and putting all their correspondence in one neat folder.
Buck Books for Readers
As a reader I couldn’t ask for more precise and direct form of book promotion.

And it’s quite important not to miss their emails, because each promotion is just that—a promotion. The timer at the top of the page is not just for show. Usually you have less than one day to grab the book for the discounted price.

Quirks and perks

To live up to the current internet marketing standards, Buck Books is not 100% integral. What a surprise, isn’t it? I caught them once selling a book for $1.99, but it was a bundle of 20 books and they forewarned about it in their email.
Buck Books for readers
It’s forgivable.

I have more problems with the scarcity timer they use on their site, because it’s not always true to its meaning.

What it really mean is that they may or may not take the book off the promo at the end of the indicated time. For example, my book From Shy to Hi has been displayed on the site for the whole past week. So it is not exactly true that after the time expires you won’t have a chance to grab the book for the lower price. They may extend the promo into the next day, and next and next…
Buck Books for Readers

Back to the integrity issue

This ‘timer thing’, however, applies only to the books that they display on the Buck Books page. I have never caught them promoting the title to their mailing list and then extending the promo beyond the deadline. They are deadly serious about this.
If you get an email saying that you have until midnight to buy the book for the buck, then at midnight they will remove the book from their page. The price may still be $0.99 for a couple of hours, because the price changing mechanism on Amazon is all but precise and timely. However you can only find this out by going directly to the book’s page.

A word about the publisher

I know I’m biased in this case 😉 Nonetheless, their service for authors is as excellent as their service for readers. They are a truly modern kind of publisher who doesn’t steal from authors, who doesn’t cheat in agreements. They work solely with indie authors. And they are paid from the author’s royalties.

What does it mean for you? That they are vitally interested in cooperating only with the best authors writing the best books. If they promote trash they will lose their reputation … and in the end their profits.

You won’t get any garbage book hastily written by a ghostwriter from Pakistan. Everything they publish is top quality.

Quite often they promote indie books not published by Archangel Ink, but they are always rigid about the quality of works they decide to share with their subscribers. You can check their requirements for authors at this page.

Watch your wallet!

It’s true they inform you only about minimal priced books, but believe me, it can accumulate! I signed up to their list just to check on them, but within less than a month (shame to admit), I’ve bought several titles and downloaded a few free ones.

They know their craft and promote very convincingly. Beware!

Buck Books for readers

I wholeheartedly recommend Buck Books service for all readers interested in getting valuable books for a reasonable price. No fluff, only focused communication and lots of books from the real indie authors is the ideal deal for you.

Go to the Buck Books for readers site and subscribe to their email list today.

Buck Books for Readers

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