On December 1, 2014, (I didn’t even realize it was a Cyber Monday) my first Buck Books event took place.
Buck Books Productivity Event
It definitely wasn’t as impressive as other Events organized on that platform like the Paleo Event, which catapulted all authors into #100 of Kindle bestseller ranks.
It was better. Not in regard of numbers, but in regard of satisfaction. The Paleo Event gathered the best of the best in that niche: Paleo analogues of Brian Tracy in self-help or David Allen in time management.
A common indie author with the help of other Indies organized my Productivity event. It was just 14 of us. Some of us had meager lists (I sent a broadcast to 263 subscribers). Some our books were lost in the Amazon’s digital shelves at #400,000+ places.
However, we were able to dominate the Time Management category anyway.

I won’t bore you with the details of organizing such event; it’s enough to say it took about 30 hours of my time plus maybe another five hours of research on Amazon. Within three weeks, I had more authors and books that I was able to include in the event.
What is interesting are the results. I very much doubt if between 14 of us we had 100,000 subscribers. Therefore, we couldn’t throw much weight in regard of driving traffic to Amazon. Even with our humble capabilities, we crushed it.

And…How to Navigate This List

I’ve made a few galleries including books’ ranks at specific times and my comment how the things were going. To browse through gallery just click any of the images at the bottom of a page.

Reading through several page list can be difficult. So to make things easier, I have added an additional option for finding specific page.

Every page has a link at the bottom (above a gallery) which will take you to the next page in order.
And there’s also a link to get back to this main page.

Let’s digest how the Productivity Event unfolded:


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