We took first seven spots in Business -> Time Management category.

Time Management category

We dominated a few other business and self-help sub-categories. And who we are? Just a bunch of indie authors who were able to drive to Amazon 5500 visitors. Buck Books broadcast drove 6500 people more.
Buck Books got 425 new subscribers at that day and generated $1649 in Amazon affiliate program.
Readers got great books at minimal price. Buck Books got subscribers and revenues. Authors got about a couple hundred sales each, cool badges, high ranks, and a surge of exposure.
Everybody won.

This is just the beginning. With the growth of Buck Books, the results will be bigger. Overrunning Book Bub is just a matter of time. Bub doesn’t care about authors very much. They charge us colossal fees upfront. They are the dinosaurs. Buck Books is a modern business focused on everybody’s win. When everybody help each other the value generated increases many fold.

I’ll organize more events. The closest one is the Confidence event planned for January 3, 2015. Contact me if your book is related to the topics of: self-esteem, self-confidence, social-confidence related.

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