Coaching Magic

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Coaching is a very transformative experience. And it should be. Getting a certificate costs a small fortune and rightfully so. There is an incredible amount of knowledge and skills packed into the process.

So, usually you are paying a coach a hefty fee for their time. You expect the intended transformation: getting a promotion, changing your career path, getting ready for a new stage in life or getting un-stuck from something which plagued you for years.

Transformations in coaching are expected. However, I’m in awe of the “byproduct transformations” which I observed too often to be just an accident. More than a few times, my clients got some insight completely unrelated to their coaching goal, and the simple expansion of their self-awareness was enough to get rid of some serious stuff. A couple of examples:

Social Anxiety

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Habits of a Good Business Coach

Habits of a Good Business Coach

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In one of my previous articles, I explained how to find a good business coach. This article is complementary to that one. The stuff I share here is a secret coaching sauce unnoticeable for people who aren’t coaches themselves. I’m not covering the obvious points – that a good coach has a habit of using open-ended questions or doesn’t shower you with advice. I’m talking here about relevant small habits that can make or break the whole coaching process. And most of them pertain to the crucial coaching competence recognized by the International Coaching Federation called contracting.


What is it? A skill of creating kind of a deal between the coach and coachee. Like with deals, there are some standard elements and some optional.
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The Superior Way to Leverage $60 a Month for Your Progress

Leverage $60 a Month for Your Progress

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When it comes to personal development, believe me, I have done it all.

Visualizations, chanting affirmations, reading books, listening to audio programs over and over again, till I knew them by heart, watching videos (even though I hate learning from videos), attending seminars and events…

Working on my mindset, on my fitness, productivity, relationships, spirituality, finances…
Setting goals, crafting a vision for my life, developing daily habits, creating a morning routine and an evening routine, journaling, reading motivational quotes, teaching others…

I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. I know what’s effective, and what is not. And, quite recently, I discovered something that works WAAAY better than anything else.
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How to Find a Good Business Coach

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Coaching is the most powerful tool I’ve ever encountered in personal development (thus business development – for solopreneurs, authorpreneurs, freelancers and other entrepreneurs whose business depends solely on their performance).

It’s the more effective the better is your coach, assuming there is the right chemistry between the two of you. So, how to find a good coach?

Let’s go over some common sense tactics, guidelines of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and secret practices of coaches to find a good coach for you.

Common Sense Tactics

Those are things any sane person would go over when hiring someone in any capacity. However, some of them can be misleading or not so obvious (see point #3)
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Magically Fast Results: Three Incredible Stories on the Power of Coaching

Here come three stories of three radically different people. Sex, nationality, professional situation, family situation, and the problems they faced – there was barely anything they have in common. Yet, the same method generated amazing results for each of them – and it generated effects in a ridiculously short timeframe.

A Man Who Had No Time

You probably can relate. This guy was busy, busy, busy, burning the candle from both ends, and burning the midnight oil. He slept 5-6 hours a day to manage his busy life. A full-time executive position in a huge company – that alone can fill one’s time to the brim. But he also was a family man and made a point to spend at least an hour a day with his kids. And he was a writer. And he had a side business.
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8 Sure Signs You Need Coaching

8 Sure Signs You Need CoachingIt is extremely frustrating for me, as a coach, how utterly confused people are as to what coaching is. They mistake it for consulting, mentoring, therapy and a whole mix of the three above.

I got tired of explaining what it is because, even if I’ll get my point across, people tend to undervalue the power of coaching. And thus, they discount it and don’t even try to find a coach.

So, instead of explaining in vain, I will give you something else today: eight signs that you may hugely benefit from coaching. If any of the below points applies to you, I sincerely encourage you to get a coach as fast as humanly possible.

Here they are:
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What Is Coaching? (aka Overcome Your Inner Saboteur)

What Is Coaching

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Most people have no clue what coaching is or how extremely powerful it is.
So, I’ll try to explain what coaching is and what it can do for you in this article.

Definition of Coaching

Here is how The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching:

partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires a person to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Do you feel convinced now? Do you feel the unstoppable urge to get a coach right now?!

The above definition is as precise and good as one can make. However, if it doesn’t speak to you, I’ll try to convey what coaching is with a few parables.
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