Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report.

Eighty Seventh Income Report June 2020I set a couple of goals for June 2020: to work on my Resurrecting Books business and to grow my presence at the Polish market. None of them went very well, but I neglected business development more than being active in Poland.

Book Sales

That was a bummer. I sold eight copies shy of 700 in June. That was the worst month since February 2019. I was partly responsible because I did nothing in months to promote my own books. I even stopped most of my Amazon ads since during the lockdown everything was so unpredictable.

At least my customers’ sales didn’t decrease so much.

Polish Market

I was diligently formatting and scheduling posts for my Polish blog. At the end of June, I had posts queued for publishing almost till the end of September.

I publish a blog post twice a week on that blog. It’s much easier than publishing three times a month on my English blog. First, because I basically reused 100% of my Polish Quora content, but skipping the external editing was a huge factor too. In Polish, I can honestly say if what I’ve written was good or not. Also, I can find and correct any typos and mistakes on the fly.

I also reached to a few podcast hosts but I got only crickets as an answer. Apart from cranking out posts, I also created the page for media on my Polish website.

At least, I was doing something consistently with this goal. Resurrecting Books was a different story.

Resurrecting Books

I did very little to move the needle forward. Yes, of course I dealt with my customers and onboard new prospects, but I was supposed to work on the business. In that regard I only drafted a customer service process and shared it with my onboarding specialist.

Well, I also did something in the marketing area: I gave a podcast interview focused on the ads and my business and asked for an introduction to an author with 10 books.

Still, I was very disappointed with myself.

First Resurrecting Books Team Meeting

In the last week of June, there was a Business on Purpose virtual summit and I got four of my team members online: my son, dad, sister and Nicole from States. After the summit, we spent 30 minutes together. My family introduced themselves to Nicole and vice versa. I shared Resurrecting Books values with everybody for the first time ever. That was a great time.

Experiment in Canada

One of fellow Canadian authors recently published a new book. I accidentally saw it on FB. I got the idea to try to advertise his old book in Canadian store. The book was great and it had got ratings. I thought it will be a smashing success.

Well, it wasn’t. I was able to sell only a couple of copies despite getting well over 300 clicks. This experiment only confirmed what I found repeatedly working with books: the most important element of the advertising process is a book description.

My friend’s book’s was quite terrible. The cover and title captured attention of readers on Amazon, but the experience on his actual book page repelled them.

If you want to advertise your book, you’d better make sure your book description is great!

Tiny Habits

I did one more thing with my Polish blog: I translated the Tiny Habits training into Polish and led several of my subscribers through one-week training, twice.

I picked three new habits for myself each time. I don’t know about my subscribers, but I learned a lot 😀

I wrote the whole monster blog post about this experience.

I adopted one habit very handy in reviving our family life and I managed to master a habit with which I had been struggling for months. I appreciate the Tiny Habits framework even more.

End of the Lockdown

We finally came out of the house. I was twice with my wife at a cinema. One time, we had the whole cinema for ourselves! That was a surreal experience, but very positive as well. I made fun that I rented the cinema for a date for mere $5.

I also went to a swimming pool with my daughter, first time in months.

The weather in June was quite wet, but also hot. On a few days when it was raining, I sat on my butt at home. But whenever the sky was clear, I biked or walked. I made over 300 miles. I explored the countryside.
Eighty Seventh Income Report June 2020
Eighty Seventh Income Report June 2020
Eighty Seventh Income Report June 2020

Business Was Good

I didn’t work very hard in June, yet it was my best ever month for Resurrecting Books. I beat the previous best month by $176.

I changed a bit the pricing and cooperation model. I made quite a chunk of revenue with no risk 1-time deals. And I was able to delegate onboarding new customers to Nicole, my new team member. It was such a relief!

The June 2020 Income Report Breakdown


Amazon royalties: €1,785.28 ($1,963.8) fees: $139.16
Audiobooks royalties: $31.96
D2D royalties: $18.17
PWIW personal coaching: $382
AMS service remuneration: $4,576.58

Total: $7,111.67

$49, Aweber fee
$23.37, BirdSend fee
$1,186.07 Amazon ads
$500, ISI mastermind
$807.22, RAs’ remuneration (RAs = Real Assistants; my team)
$30, SiteLock fee
$108.38, royalties split with co-author
$95.09, an obligatory monthly fee for LLC
$92, my accountant’s monthly fee
Total: $2,823.74

Net Result: $4,287.93

Previous Income Report: May 2020

Eighty Seventh Income Report – June 2020 ($4.287.93)

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