Are you curious about a one-year delay? I explained it in my first income report.

Fifteenth Income Report June 2014
June was quite dramatic, not in the sense of results achieved, but there were events.


I was hit hard twice that month and both times involved outsourcing. First, I got the book content from Elance and it was a very poor quality job. My ghostwriter declined an offer to fix it out and resigned from payment.

I started to work with cover designer recommended by my mentor. We were bouncing iterations of the cover forth and back for a week and then he said, he had to many obligations to cope and canceled the contract. Heck! I was a week before the launch.

In both cases I invested not just money, which were returned, but my time. It hurt.

I asked my friend, Hynek Palatin, who made me my previous covers for help. He was reliable as usual and produced a decent cover within a few days.
From Shy to Hi

Income Reports

I decided to start publishing my income reports. With the multitude of tasks I decided to do it with a one year delay. That way I could do it in batches using my journals to support my memory. It was a very good idea. For example I’m writing this report in January 2015, but I’ll publish it on 1st of July 2015 and it’s actually about June 2014. Of course not a small incentive were my last payments, which were more than 35% of my salary each. I had something to brag about.

But I didn’t want to brag or sound like I wanted to. That was another reason to go back one year back and start my income reports from scratch. My first months weren’t impressive at all.

Writing and Publishing

In June I was writing my book about developing personal philosophy: “Trickle Down Mindset“. Diligently. I finished the first raw draft on 21st. A few days later I start the work on the next book: “The Art of Persistence. “

And the whole month I was preparing for the launch of “From Shy to Hi.” I was contacting bloggers and entities and was sharing Advance Reading Copy everywhere I could. The work on the cover I described above.


And my life was starting to get in the way. After years of searching my wife finally found a house which we could actually afford. Well not exactly “afford”. We needed a big mortgage, so I spent some time driving back and forth to the bank.

Another life event was a wedding of my sister, which took place in Ireland. I took a week off for vacations. My schedule was abruptly affected, but somehow I managed to start writing this consistency book, supervise the “From Shy to Hi” launch and maintain my habitual routines,. Yes, the book was launched while I was on vacation.

The results weren’t overwhelming. It got just about 1600 downloads. I knew right then it wasn’t the same scale of success like “Master Your Time” was. Further sales were in accordance with this conclusion.

Schedule Problems

Vacations and buying the house brought additional pressure on my schedule. My writing was a business, I started earning meaningful money, but I didn’t put enough attention and focus to it. It is a full time job, but I didn’t have another 8 hours. I did business-related tasks between multitudes of others jobs and my results were showing that.

My mentor, Steve Scott, writes full-time and he managed to turn around his Kindle business in a matter of months, not years. In addition more serious challenges were looming on the horizon. Buying and renovating house was not a small feat. To add insult to the injury, railroad to capitol which I used for daily commuting was in overhaul. The commute started to be unpredictable at best, infuriating at most. AND my employer changed the location, so my commute to the office was even longer.

It all took its toll and my results showed that.

Writing is a full-time business. Working on it part-time, you are going to receive part-time results.

The Income Report Breakdown

Income: €790,07 (about $1,066.6; March and part of April royalties from USA (just for borrows I think), plus €22 of backlog from Japan (at last!), plus a few April payments from smaller markets)

Cost: $19, Aweber services
$10, free promo on eReaderGirl
$5, proofreading Fiverr
$2, free promo
$5, CopySpace (a service for detecting non-unique content)
$30, Lift coaching
Total: $71

Net result: $995.6

No longer 4-figure, but still a significantly green month 😀

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Fifteenth Income Report – June 2014

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