From Shy to Hi
From Shy to Hi” has been launched. This is my 6th book and 5th in the “How to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day” series.

40 percent to 45 percent of adults in America say they are shy. So there are good chances that this book is for you.
From 25th to 29th of June it is free to download from Amazon.

If you are still on the fence about reading it, take a peek into this excerpt:

A Quick, But Meaningful, Moment

With time and practice, I became better at starting and carrying on conversations with strangers. I also became more confident. One day, I was on the train heading home from work. I hadn’t talked to a stranger yet that day, so I was looking for the opportunity. I smiled at the lady sitting opposite me. She smiled back at me with a wide and sincere smile.

That’s rare, at least in my country, on the 8 p.m. train, when everybody is going home after a long and (usually) tiring day at work. I estimate that only about one person in 20 smiles back at me on those evening trains.

OK, level one checked off,” I thought to myself. I stirred a reaction, so I accomplished the basic level of my discipline. I was done for the day. The train was approaching my town, so I got up, packed my laptop and put on my jacket. While doing this, another thought came: “What the heck? I should tell her that she has done something exceptional.”

I sat down once again and said to her with a wide smile:

Do you realize how special you are?

She was abashed. I could almost read her mind: “WTF?

She answered hesitantly, “No, why?

You smiled back at me. I smile at many people, but not many smile back at me. I think maybe one in 20. You are special.”

Well, thank you very much. It’s what I do. I always smile back.

The anxiety left her. She was really touched by my remark. We had 5 minutes to talk about how people interact with each other. We had another common denominator – commuting, and we talked about that a little.

She thanked me a few times more for my remark. She said it made her day. It was a nice surprise for her at the end of the day. I started that conversation to appreciate her and I definitely succeeded. Two people felt better about themselves after this encounter.

There is more of such stories in “From Shy to Hi“. Download from Amazon and enjoy it!

From Shy to Hi available on Amazon

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