Are you curious about a one-year delay? I explained it in my first income report.

Nineteenth Income Report October 2014On the 7th of October, I earned my first buck as a Buck Books affiliate. Before that I had earned several dollars as an Amazon affiliate; but somehow this was different. Maybe because I had full confidence in the service I promoted.

I got a small win: I finished a one-year long mailing sequence of the ‘Get Rich Quotes’. I procrastinated with that to the last possible moment, because I wanted to record a video on how to easily setup such sequence in Aweber. I eventually did it, but was in a hurry and the video was low quality.

Dreams of power extinguished

With each passing day I was closer and closer to the realization that my dreams of power were not justified. I had no access to my sales report, but I clearly saw that my author rank was drifting away; and sales were diminishing. I inquired about it and got a confirmation from my publisher. I estimated that my September sales were about $800, which was only about twice as high as when I was publishing them on my own. The actual volume of sales was higher; that $800 was after the publisher’s cut. The conclusion however was the same: I needed to write and publish more. The $800 would arrive no sooner than in January.


In October I wrote the first part of a series I had Simplify Your Pursuit of Successplanned.

I was also trying to land a series of guest posts about copycat authors on Amazon, but nobody wanted it. One guy turning it down, suggested half-jokingly that I write a book instead. I wanted quite badly to get this idea out of my mind and in front of the readers; so I decided to follow his suggestion. In the last few days of October I outlined the book and started writing it.

Buck Books event

The owners of Buck Books put more trust into the community of authors and let them organize events almost on their own. I decided to try this route. First of all, it was the only chance I saw to promote one of my books. At the end of the month, I started sending emails to fellow authors in productivity niche.

The Income Report Breakdown

Income: €161.69 (about $203.73)

$19 – Aweber services
$15 – Lift coaching
$63 – Proofreading Spanish translation of Master Your Time
$15 – Proofreading services on Fiverr
Total: $112

Net Result: $91.73

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Nineteenth Income Report – October 2014 ($91.73)

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