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  1. Dennis

    Michal has to be a “mover and shaker,” because his creative quotes and content moved me. Thanks Michal. Keep up the good work.

  2. Phil

    I loved the quotes, they helped me to keep going day by day. It’s amazing how appropriate they are when you are maybe struggling to find the determination or motivation to “get started,”whether it be your day, or a task or activity you have been putting off.

    Look forward to hearing more inspirational details in your future books.

  3. Jeanne

    Thank you for 100 days of inspiration! As a small business owner, its easy for me to get wrapped up in “today”. Its good to take the time to read something inspirational to help me focus on my goals for the future.

  4. Crystal

    Thank you for the 100 quotes on perseverance. I loved reading them each day. They were inspirational and helped me feel motivated to set and achieve my goals. I have shared some of them with friends and family as well. Quotes like these can help brighten a person’s day.

  5. Marilyn

    I look forward to the Perseverance quote every day. I have forwarded some to each of my daughters and some to the man I am dating. Very thought provoking and insightful. Thank you, they are greatly appreciated.

  6. Rebecca

    Thank you for the daily motivational quotes. They inspired me all 100 days! Looking forward to more.

  7. Sue

    Thank you for the great quotes – 100 days went by quickly! I look forward to more of them. It’s amazing how one or two sentences can energize your whole day!

  8. Sue

    Enjoyed all the quotes. Some I even felt were good enough to share with FB friends. Thanks and looking forward to more.

  9. Loftin Montgomery

    Michal’s Perseverance quotes are excellent. It was always helpful to get them in my email every morning. I also read his Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day and found his advice excellent. Give the book a shot it might help you…

  10. Lidiya K

    Hi, Michal. That’s a great idea. Small things like that can really help us keep going when we feel lost or hopeless. I know from experience that a little boost like a powerful quote can make you get up and do something about your goals.
    I submitted one of my email addresses and will be happy to read the quotes you offer to the readers 🙂

  11. Kwan Mun

    I always enjoy receiving the quotes from Michal, it’s my daily dose of inspiration.
    But what I like most is I don’t get spam by Michal, it’s refreshing!
    Thank you Michal!

  12. Ravi V R

    Hi Michal
    Really nice collection of quotes.We can call it a collection of persevrance gems.
    Could not imagine how much hours you would have spent to collect these gems.
    I used to write in a special diary every day with different colour sketch pens.
    Really our unconscious mind accepts persevarance a one of the key to success.
    I have started to stick with my activities which once I used to discontinue and restart (daily prayer for example).I think such a small persistances will accumulate my actions and thereby give results,no doubt.Keen to buy your writing online to improve myself. May god bless you and your family.

  13. Ravi

    Thanks Michal for your quotes. Very specific and carefully chosen for persistance. I cannot say immediately the benefits that I got. But reading and writing these quotes again and again will definitely make a positive imprint in conscious mind of anyone who does with persistance.

  14. Parker

    The collection of quotes that Michal sends to me daily is indeed a great boost to my day. I copied some to my notepad to remind me daily. I will surely reread all of it from time to time.

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  16. Luna

    Muchas gracias por esa secuencia de citas. realmente me ayudaron mucho cada día. Estoy actualmente desarrollando mi tesis de grado y cada día me motivaba poder leer ese correo y avanzar en mi día con ese impulso. He guardado todas las citas en una carpeta de mi correo y claro que las leeré de nuevo. Muchas gracias.


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