Part II: Self-care Makes You Bulletproof

The only way to get strong in all the areas – from health problems, relationship drama, mental state to spiritual struggle – is to keep taking care of them on a daily basis. Keep taking care of you.

You need to take care of your physical health, mental wellbeing, spiritual growth, and cordial relationships; not once in a blue moon, but every day.

Then you will become bulletproof against business obstacles.

Bulletproof Me

In the last decade, I suffered from depression for a couple of years, if not more.

I went through maternal difficulties and parenting challenges (two words: three teenagers; that explains everything, right?).

I started from scratch three different careers (authorbusiness coachbusiness owner).

I had been experiencing spiritual darkness for about a year.

For five years, I had been working full time, while growing my side hustles. Then, I still had been working part-time in a corpo world for another five years.

I wrote almost three million words, published 19 books, coached remotely over 120 people.

My daughter had a car accident.

I had a car accident.

My kids struggled with mental problems.

I injured my shoulders and had to revamp my whole approach to fitness activity.

Amazon wreaked havoc in my business. I had to create a new advertising account a few times, because my old ones got broken, and Amazon didn’t know how to fix them. One move on their part cost me 50% of my revenue in 2019.

Sometimes, I wondered how I would pay my mortgage or my team’s salary.

Add to the mix a worldwide pandemic and a Russian invasion on the bordering country; I have had my hands full in the last ten years.

All of the above issues were true and in a hurry, I passed over many others. Yet, here I am, a decade later: I still have my family, health, vibrant spiritual life — and a healthy business. I grew my team to eight people. I quit my day job several months ago. “Thriving” might have been an overstatement, but I’m doing fine. How come?

Well, even when I worked 10–14 hours a day, six times a week, I have been always prioritizing my self-care, since day #1.

I built multiple small, daily habits in each area and executed them with relentless consistency. Even when “the sky was falling,” I persisted.

Why? I grasped at the gut level, the basic idea — that I am my business. Without me, my endeavors will be dead in a matter of days, months at best. I had to keep going, so everything else could keep going.

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