Are you curious about a one-year delay? I explained it in my first income report.

I spent November 2014 in quiet desperation over my sales. My publisher discovered the hard way that refurbishing old books on Amazon doesn’t work. Without a promo push they were all disappearing from bestsellers lists in no time. On 9th of November I noted down in my journal:

All I can do right now is to write more.

So I wrote. I almost finished the book about Kindle Gold Rush that month. I also worked on editing The Art of Persistence.

I got a very uplifting email from a reader:

I would like to let you know that you had an important impact and gave me an incentive via “The Fitness Expert Next Door”.

This is the first book I downloaded from Amazon in the summer. Upon reading it, I went through some of the posts on your blog and bought the other 5 books.

You can see the 4-Month result in the attached screenshot.

What made The Fitness Expert so influential and what I saw from random pages in the others is that you distill your personal experience, keep the books simple, realistic, back up with personal evidence and suggest action points. This is so powerful, unlike most “theory pushers”, that I think will bring you success.

Once again thanks for the effort you put into these books.

Such emails are priceless, especially for me. I’m driven by helping others. The money is less important, even at the highest peak, the royalties didn’t make much difference in my income. My values But such a testimonial? Mind blowing! This is why I started writing in the first place. This is why I continued despite crawling results at the beginning or frustration when my sales (and readership) dwindled back to low levels after great launches. I was stoked. This email provided me a boost of (much needed) energy.

And throughout the whole of November, I was working very hard on organizing The Productivity Buck Books event. It was the first I’ve ever organized, and I was learning the ropes. I hustled and hustled and in the end I gathered a bunch of high quality books.

At the end of November my partner published my 2nd book in German.

The Income Report Breakdown

Income €1.93 (about $2.39)

$19, Aweber services
$0.99, APE
$10, proofreading services Fiverr
$5, new cover for Get Rich Quotes from Fiverr
$10, ghostwriting gigs Fiverr

Total: $45.99

Net Result: -$43.6

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Twentieth Income Report – November 2014 (-$43.6)

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