Here come three stories of three radically different people. Sex, nationality, professional situation, family situation, and the problems they faced – there was barely anything they have in common. Yet, the same method generated amazing results for each of them – and it generated effects in a ridiculously short timeframe.

A Man Who Had No Time

You probably can relate. This guy was busy, busy, busy, burning the candle from both ends, and burning the midnight oil. He slept 5-6 hours a day to manage his busy life. A full-time executive position in a huge company – that alone can fill one’s time to the brim. But he also was a family man and made a point to spend at least an hour a day with his kids. And he was a writer. And he had a side business.

He streamlined his life to the smallest details. He had no time for any single new thing, but he wanted more. Most importantly, he had no time for any self-care.

A Totally Overwhelmed Woman

A single mom, years after divorce, self-employed. If you looked at her life from the outside, it looked nice. Both kids are attending college, she had a supporting boyfriend, and her business was booming.

But she also had a mountain of debt, a pile of high monthly expenses, and she was on the verge of mental breakdown. She had been working too hard for too long. She had no time for her kids, for her boyfriend, for herself. She spent the whole days chained to her chair in front of her desk. And while she just finished an incredible number of projects, she had nothing for the next month. She didn’t know how she would buy groceries, not mentioning paying for the rent, taxes and monthly installments of her credits.

A Guy Who Hated Himself

And he did it for no good reason, practically his whole life. He was a decent human being. If you asked his wife, kids, family, friends, brothers from church community, and coworkers, they would have all told you good things about this man. On a good day, they would even have told you great things:

He made a bold move and transitioned from a day job into his own gig, in the last several years he reached over 10 million people and positively affected the lives of God-only-knows how many thousands of them, he was always there when his family or friends needed him…

Yet, the guy hated himself, even knowing it’s not healthy, and useful for nothing. He just couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t love himself in the same way you cannot flap your arms and fly into the sky.


The man with no time started to sleep 4-5 hours a night and “found” one hour in the morning for himself. Time to reflect. Time to be in nature. Time to take care of his mind and soul.

Before you start screaming how unhealthy that is, sleeping less didn’t affect his health nor performance. He feels just fine.

The man who hated himself stopped hating himself altogether. He can even love himself – on a good day. He can be supportive to himself. That changed his whole life, not in some spectacular way, but inside out. He stopped being a bumper, saboteur and bottleneck. He improved his close relationships and started a couple of new projects.

The overwhelmed solopreneur booked herself full, but on a much more organized fashion this time. She also improved things in her life and business, which she had been neglecting for years – got a grip on her finances and taxes, started some fitness and self-care activities, tracked her time diligently.

She almost doubled her business, cut off some toxic customers, accepted only customers who paid in advance, and introduced dozens of other small improvements into her business and life.

How Long Did Those Incredible Changes Take Them?

In case of the lady, it was about a quarter.

For the self-hater, it was three hours, dispersed over a month, which made all the difference.

The no-time guy? He hadn’t much time, so it took him half an hour. 😉

That is, the transformative event itself. The funniest thing? He didn’t even know it worked till he woke up at 3:30 AM the next morning. He spent an hour in peace and quiet that day, thinking it was just a single lucky shot. But the next day, he also woke up an hour earlier than normal. And the next day. And each day afterwards.

What Magic Pill Did They Take?

No pill whatsoever. They went through coaching. The true life coaching, not what most people have in mind when they hear the word “coaching.” There are too many misunderstandings and misinterpretations to even enumerate them all. One day, I’ll do it in a separate article. If you want to know what coaching really is, go to the source and read how International Coaching Federation defines it.

As incredible as those stories sound, they are 100% real. I witnessed them from the front row.

One short coaching session was enough to spring a surprising mechanism for the No-Time Guy. Three 1-hour sessions was all it took for the Self-Hater to learn the elusive art of self love. A quarter of weekly 1-hour sessions of the hybrid mentoring-coaching process was enough for the Solopreneur Lady to turn her business and life around.

Of course, the three stories above are the most spectacular I witnessed from the front row. But I witnessed dozens of them, and I can confidently say that I never saw a coaching session done right which didn’t finish with a takeaway to which a coachee simply didn’t have access before.
Either it was buried deep in their subconscious, or the solution they found was too outlandish to consider normally. So, they never even considered them.

The Power of Coaching

I experienced life transformation firsthand. When people listen to my story, they usually react with “Wow, that’s so inspiring!”

I’m also fascinated by the mechanism of life transformation. I researched it. I read about it a lot. I studied it.

I’ve never seen the tool to achieve a life transformation in a short time as effective as coaching.

Magically Fast Results: Three Incredible Stories on the Power of Coaching

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